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If you're familiar with the work that me and Aaron do, it probably goes without saying that Wayne Thiebaud is one of our favorites. Going way back to when Aaron and I first got together we can remember going to see his paintings in the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. I don't think there is another painter who has rendered cakes so authentically. The way his paint sits on the canvas…his textures…his highlights and shadows…can almost be described as delicious. And his paintings never require explanation. They simply are what they are. 
A friend of mine recently pointed out the work of Sharon Core, which you can see above. The top image is a Wayne Thiebaud painting. The image directly below it is a photograph by Sharon Core. Yeah…crazy right?! She had the imaginary Thiebaud cakes made in real life, and then photographed them to exactly mimic Thiebaud's painting. Amazing! 

If you're not familiar with Wayne Thiebaud's work, you should check out this short video. With our work we have always strived to celebrate everyday, and I think Thiebaud's work has the exact same spirit.

I swear, Mercury glass is one of my favorite things ever. I have been collecting for years and lucky for me, it has become more and more popular. Lately I have been able to find so many beautiful vases and candle holders, and when the holiday season rolls around I'm amazed at the latest offering of Mercury glass ornaments and christmas trees. I love this set of cream, pink and mauve votive holders. They would be perfect in our bedroom, where our color palette gets deeper and a bit more…romantic might be the word. We've got Victorian rose studies in our bedroom, and deep grey walls. So you can imagine how well the above set would work.

And here is the "Sea Glass" set in cream, aqua, and greens…which totally works in the downstairs rooms of our house. I think we may really need this set for our living room! I am on the hunt for a large serving tray to keep on our ottoman which also serves as a coffee table. I think this set is officially on my Christmas wish list. 

This piece from Dot & Bo would be perfect in our kitchen or dining room…but I don't know if we have the space for it. I love it's rustic industrial feel, and I can see it full of our cake stands, favorite cookbooks, and kitchen things.

One of my favorite decorative elements is lighting. I'm not really a fan of overhead lighting. I like lighting a room with candles, lamps…and especially strings of lights. They just make the space feel festive. They've got a magical twinkle, and work both outdoors and in. We have strands of lights in our studio, which bring a carnival feel to the room. Last Friday I shared a fantastic Edison bulb lamp…so it's fitting that this week I follow up with these Edison string lights. I just adore them! 

When we were at Target the other day we spotted some really cute holiday items in our favorite shades of aqua and turquoise. This pillow would be perfect in our living room. Actually, the entire collection is lovely.

This incredibly cute bottle brush tree is also a part of the Target collection…and you'd be correct in thinking that there was no way that we could pass it up! It has a slight iridescent finish, which I am not normally a fan of, but I can totally look past it here. This is the larger size one…it's 15" tall.

Here it is temporarily...yet happily...sitting on a table in our kitchen. 

I just adore these metallic geometric trees from Studio Mucci. I've been instagram friends with Amina, the talented and fun gal behind the brand, for some time now. I can always count on her for eye candy galore! 

I just adore her classic tassel garlands! I think Aaron and I really just need to finally decide on which color combo would work best in our home. They are perfect for celebrating everyday…as I stated above…that's our motto! :)

Ok, thanks so much again for reading! I hope you're staying cozy! Have a great weekend!
xo, Jenny…and Aaron says hi!


  1. Jenny, I was at the Biltmore House yesterday and they had something with your name written all over it! It was you!! I bought it with the thought of sending it to you as a thank you for all the wonderful ideas you have given me over the years. I know you don't remember all the people you teach in your classes, however I did met you and Aaron at one of Kim's affairs in CA. Can you give me some way to get this gift to you?
    Thank you, dear friend.
    Bernadette Gibson

  2. Jenny, your Friday Favorites are always the dreamiest! Those cake paintings are incredible, and I actually never knew the name of that type of glass before (which I love, too!). And I have that sweet little Target tree, too!! :)

    xox Sammi

  3. Oh my gosh... the Mercury glass sets are SO pretty! That bottle brush tree reminds me that I've been wanting to make my own for a while now! I should try it! O_O

  4. I am in LOVE with that bottle brush tree!! The color is perfect.

  5. I have loved Wayne Thiebaud's work since I saw the huge cakes painting at the National Gallery in Washington D.C. a few years ago. The colors and subjects just make me feel happy! The last 3 years I've even had Thiebaud wall calendars. :)

  6. Yes! Thiebaud is one of my all-time favorites, since I was a little girl. I think what's so great about his work is that it's accessible to everyone: kids, adults, art critics, and everyday folks. Everyone loves him. Recently I read a tweet by an art writer on Thiebaud's gumball painting (they were talking about his latest show) and it said something like "Complete list of all the things that are great about this classic Wayne Thiebaud: Everything." That pretty much sums it up! He has been a huge influence on my paintings too, and countless others I'm sure!

    Did you know he just turned 94(!) on November 15? What a life he has led! :)


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