In the Mail, In the Shop, and In the Stores!

So…the Mailman totally made our day with today's mail. Actually, he made our week with this special delivery. Yep…our stamps arrived!!!
And thanks to all of the sweethearts who pre-ordered, a big chunk of them will be leaving here just as quickly as they arrived! After we wrap them up nice they'll be heading right back out the door. We'll hopefully get them all out by Saturday. I'm really so psyched for everyone to receive them!

We've shared these pics before, but I just wanted to show some details again, and show how cute they come out, even with the most minimal embellishments.

Using only black ink and haphazard painted polka dots, we stamped some simple tags to tie to our candy pops for our students at Art Is You last month.

The stamps really turned out so great! They're available in two styles, "Allie & Amy", and "Classic  Cakes" . 
 We are so excited to see what you guys do with them! 

 Very excited about this new piece! A JUMBO Triple Scoop neapolitan ice cream cone die cut is now in the shop! It's so big and so fun! It looks super sweet hanging in our kitchen!

Here's another shot…to give you an idea of size!

And I don't think I've shared this yet…this is very cool. Artful Blogging magazine included us in their "Banners we Love" section! So FUN! 

And when we ran out to grab our copy of Artful Blogging, we were also super excited to see that our book is popping up in more and more Barnes and Noble locations.  It also finally showed up in our local Michaels. For the longest time everyone we know had been able to find it at their nearby Michaels, but for some reason, the Michaels closest to us didn't have it on the shelves. Well it's there now, and that's a very good sign!

Ok, just wanted to pop in to say hi! We hope to find time to share a couple projects here on the blog using our new stamps. We also look forward to seeing creative pics of our stamps in action from any of you guys who ordered them…which reminds me…any of you dolls who pre-ordered...keep an eye on your mailbox this upcoming week! Stamps are on their way shortly!

xo, Jenny…and Aaron says hi!


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