And the happy mail continues

Just the other day I was just reminiscing about the "good ol' days" of blogging. I was talking about swaps, and the fun of sending and receiving packages filled with vintage bits and pieces, craft supplies, handmade gifts, and all those things. And whattayaknow…the incredibly sweet and fun mail that has been showing up at my house lately is making me feel like I've time traveled right back to those so called good ol' days!

In fact, this morning's mail contained a totally unexpected package from our friend Jennifer Perkins, who you probably know, or may just recognize as one of the talented gals in the Valentine's Day Wreath Blog Hop from a few posts ago. She was actually the gal who put together the Blog Hop.

 So today's package from Jennifer was pretty much a "just because" type of package. Which are the greatest types of packages. She's familiar with what me and Aaron like to collect and what we like to craft with. And she's got piles and piles of creativity and style to spare. So you better believe that a package coming from her is going to be a very fun package indeed.
It was just packed like a tin of sardines with all sorts of adorable vintage ephemera, and cutesy bits. And all in our color palette! So so fun and thoughtful! Do you see those adorable little cat eye sunglasses? And the sweet little 1949-50 school photo of the sweetly smirking blonde? And the tally card, and playing cards, buttons, paper doll, and there's even more that I couldn't fit in the picture. 

Love the little plastic dentures, and the golden A charm! 

I knew immediately who would be wearing those glasses! Perfect fit! 

Oh and this vintage floral brooch made of tiny seashells!! I ADORE it!! I'll totally be wearing it, but when I'm not I'll be keeping it in this little glass dish filled with my favorite tiny aqua glass ornaments, and honeycomb ball. This is the sort of stuff that makes my heart beat a bit faster. 

Just such a fun fun surprise! I adore it all and am totally inspired to create cute things using some of these pieces. I'm hoping to find a bit of time this weekend for personal crafting. We are also planning another @shoplikeitsaholiday instagram sale! The last one was so fun and we're going to work hard at gathering enough worthy stuff so that it's just as fun this time around! I'll be announcing the date soon! We'll be doing our gathering this weekend. 

We are totally buried in work right now, and doing our best to not freeze. As I type this it is 11 degrees…ughhh…and it's going down to 1!!! And with wind chill…just forget about it! yikes! 

Hope you are warm and cozy wherever you are. Thanks bunches for popping in! I'd love to hear about what you've been up to! Any fun craft projects? Swaps? Home improvements? 

See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites!
xo Jenny... & Aaron says hi!


  1. ohhhhhhhh I just love those sunglasses!! CUTE!!!!!

  2. I LOVE all the goodies you've been getting in the mail! I'd love to send you a little parcel, if that's okay! :)

  3. Love your doll and her new shades are fab! Lori

  4. Hi Jenny!!! Such cute little treasures! What a thoughtful gift! Love the broach made of seashells and those cute glasses!
    Michelle xo

  5. What fun it is to look at these little treasures!

  6. I love your awesome just because packages and agree blog friends are the best. Some how they seem to know what we love to collect, the special little things that make our heart beat faster, and those things that will put the biggest smile on our face. It is crazy but sometimes family members and real life friends don't know us on this level! Please stay warm. I wanted to share with you that a few years back I fell in love and starting gathering any and all things that had to do with cupcakes. I picked up packages of stickers and note cards from Michaels never knowing that one day I would find the artists that created those cute things on a fellow bloggers blog list.


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