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I'm definitely in a bit of a Valentines state of mind, and you'll notice that some of the Vday vibe has rubbed off on these Friday Favorites. Valentine's Day is fabulous all around. I love it for so many reasons…first, it's a great pick-me-up holiday…it comes just in time to brighten us all up after the big post Christmas and New Years lull. Second, me and Aaron have been sweethearts for a million years and it's great to have a day to focus on that. And third, it is aesthetically perfect. All that pink and red and plenty of hearts and glitter and chocolate. I love going to the store, any store really, and looking at their Valentines offerings. Everything is so sweet and fun. 
Me and Aar have been so busy catching up on orders, so we haven't really had a chance to do any Valentines crafting…well, except for the giant Charlotte Sweetheart wreath you may have seen in the previous post. But we hope to do more this upcoming week. Even if it's simple little things…even if me and Aar just make cards for each other…that would be fun. 

Ok, so now for the Favorites! My feelings for this duffle bag from kinda bring me back to junior high. This is a bag I would have begged my parents for, or I probably would have ended up saving every dime until I had enough. I was fairly good at saving back then.
For some reason this bag reminds me of this store in upstate NY called Book & Record. I remember buying those stackable pastel plastic bangle bracelets there, and one of those pastel string mobiles that you hung from the ceiling. Geez I loved that thing! 
This is like the ultimate sleepover bag. It just looks so late 80s or early 90s to me.  

And also comes in this red heart pattern! 

I love this article on London's 30 most instagrammed restaurants. The above place is called Sketch. And I can attest that more than a handful of my fave instagrammers have indeed eaten here and posted pics to prove it.

I think I need this…both for it's practicality in this frozen tundra they call Jersey, and also as a daily reminder to myself. Maybe I'll have a better chance of actually receiving the message if it's hugged right to my skull. It's from Marc Jacobs, which translates to - not in my budget. But I love it all the same.

I don't have plans for cutting my hair anytime soon, but lets say there was an accident involving a wad of chewing gum and I had to have an emergency hair-ectomy, I think this gal's color and cut are beyond cute.

As you know, we are big fans of donuts over here…the edible kind and the painted kind. So you know that I swooned when I discovered these adorable donut valentine's! Sooooo cute!

You may already know that I have a soft spot…ok it's maybe closer to an addiction, or an obsession for rolling carts. They are one of my all time fave things! Especially when they are aged and industrial looking. This one from Urban Outfitters is killing me right now! It would be so incredibly perfect in our studio! And yes I already know what I'd keep in each section. 

This pic has been making me laugh all week. I came across it on pinterest. This cat kills me. And the second I saw it I immediately thought of a certain actor. You may not agree…but I simply can't not see the resemblance every time I look at this kitty. 
I wanted a little confirmation about my opinion on the resemblance, so I texted my friend Beca the pic above along with the pic below. I'm not sure if she agreed or not…but she did call me a kook. 
So I'm putting it out there, and I don't mind at all if you agree with Beca. She's often right. 

I hope you agree…because it makes the cat even funnier if you consider that he's Kenneth McMillan's feline doppelganger. You may not agree. But I'm sticking with it. HA!

Ok…hope you guys had a great week and I hope you'll have an even better weekend! Do something fun! Maybe some Valentine's Day crafting! 

Thanks for popping in! 
xo Jenny…and Aaron says hi!


  1. Loving those totes and that rolling cart!! OMG!!!!!!

  2. That pink striped bag is perfect, Jenny!!! I love it!!! And that restaurant!! Those pink chairs! Are they velvet?! So fabulous!! I totally know who I would give that don't panic hat to. (One of my sons!) I want that rolling cart too!! I don't have any rolling carts yet, but I would love one...or two....or ten!! The doughnut Valentine is adorable and so is that kitty. I do see the resemblance! That hair and haircut are too cute! I wish I could look good in pink hair like you! I don't even look good in pink clothes which is very, very sad! haha! At least I can wear aqua/turquoise! :)
    Michelle xoxo

  3. I love your Friday favourites, especially the bags (both patterns & colours) and the pink hair! If something accidentally happened to my hair, I'd do the same. It's gorgeous!!

    I'd love to go to one of the restaurants that you've mentioned. If I happen to visit London, then I know where to go for a bite to eat. Actually, I'm in London next month, so thanks for this!

    Emma Jayne x

  4. The donut valentine's are AMAZING! Would it be super sad to buy one for myself?

    Laura | elelibee


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