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I don't actually have any sort of formula for the way I put together my Friday Favorites, but I know that if I were to go and look back at a handful of my Friday Faves posts, a fairly distinct pattern would emerge. I don't know if this makes sense…but I feel like I put together a Friday Faves post in the same way that I'd plan out my absolute perfect day…
There would be good weather, a fun location, I'd be wearing a great outfit and maybe I'd have freshly dyed hair, maybe I'd stop for some new art supplies, in my travels I might stop to take a look at a cool hand painted sign that has words of encouragement, and I'd finish off that perfect day with some fantastic food. 
Seriously…I think I have a habit of finishing my posts with a food fave. But this time I broke protocol and came right out of the gate with my food fave. And if there's one worthy reason for breaking protocol, I'd say a cake from Miette Patisserie is it. 

Yes, cake first! And as I said, it's not just any cake. It's Miette Patisserie and Confiserie's "Old Fashioned Cake". I have yet to taste it "in real life" but I have been drooling over it for years thanks to blogs, and Flickr…which is where I first saw it!
 And don't you just love their sign
One day I will get to Miette, eat "Old Fashioned Cake", and take my own photos. But for now, lets all just be thrilled with the fact that we have the recipe!

And then there's this place. I just adore the basic black and white styling, the fantastic lettering on the glass, the simple yet artful display, and the classic styling of the mugs! This place is just really up mine and Aaron's alley. I can almost smell the beans roasting.  

To read more about Barista and to see more absolutely gorgeous photos check out this fabulous post over on Endlessly Enraptured. What a great blog!

These Aqua soup crocks are so so beautiful. We have been making lots and lots of delicious soups recently, and it truly is the perfect cold weather meal. Me and Aar are definitely soup aficionados. I'd love to have a collection of soup crocks all in different styles that suit different types of soup. I totally feel that the taste of the food is enhanced by the vessel it's served in.  

This bag from Stay Home Club... Just YES!!! 

Love everything about this outfit. It's simple, casual, chic, and cute. Though as freezing as it is right now, I'm kinda dying over her bare ankles. But those shell toe Adidas bring back so many memories. I had a pair in my late teens/early twenties that, I kid you not, I would paint the stripes of to match my outfits. There were times when Aaron's band would play a bunch of shows over a weekend, and I can remember painting and re-painting the stripes right before bed each night to match whatever outfit I would be wearing the next evening. The colors of my wardrobe back then were most often red, lavender, or sea foam green. 

This building in Rome. It is what dreams are made of. My ultimate fantasy would be decorating the big open rooms inside. In my minds eye I can clearly see all of the interior details…the high ceilings, giant doorways, moldings like piped buttercream frosting...

I just adore this little outfit. It makes me think of a Parisian carnival…and I know that the little girl wearing this would have an adorable doggie sidekick that wears a clown hat, and can balance rings on his nose. 
You better believe that if this came in my size I would certainly own it. 

These DIY Edible Chocolate messages from Sugar & Cloth are fantastic to look at…but you can also make some for yourself if you follow the detailed tutorial! How cool is that?!

I love this! And a little change, or a big one, is always a good thing.

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my Faves again! I hope you're staying warm and staying inspired wherever you are and whatever you're up to. 

xo, Jenny…and Aaron says hi!


  1. Love the little girl outfit. I am always looking at children's clothing and thinking I need something like that in MY size.You think some designer would pick up on that...a starry dress with a pink sweater would be just my style!

  2. Your posts brighten my day. It's like you find the things that I would like to see. We have the same loves for sure.

    1. Oh that is so very sweet of you! Thank you so so much!! Thanks for popping in and taking the time to comment! :) XO

  3. I love your Friday Favorites (and end up buying things you usually post on it!!) I love the pink building in Rome - we will be going there in 2016 to visit our son Justin who is getting ready to be transferred there for 2 years in July! I will try to find it and take pictures for you! Love y'all!

  4. Oh, love the little dress and sweater too, and I would have a pair of sweet pink Mary Janes to go with it too! The crocks are lovely also. I love soup and eat alot of it. I like it all year long, but my guys are tired of it after winter. Have a great week. PS. I would love a quiet moment in a cafe with a piece of that cake, and some lovely java in one of those wonderful mugs.

  5. I always love checking out your Friday Favs, I like to see what catches your eye.


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