Arctic adventures and sweet rewards at the Jersey Shore.

 We walk to the post office pretty much every day. It's a great way to break up the day, and it's also necessary being that we're packing and shipping orders all the time. Luckily, since it's fairly close we can endure the walk despite the frigid temps we've had all winter. And it feels like we get some kind of snow or slush falling from the sky every three days or so. You maybe wouldn't think so, but this is one of our favorite times to take a walk up onto our nearby beach. Actually, for both of us, our least favorite time of year to hit the beach would be during the red hot summer. We're burners, not tanners…I prefer long skirts to bikinis…Aaron likes jeans, not shorts. A snow covered beach is a treat for us. So right after our trip to the post office we took the short walk up to the beach to check it out and get some air. You might remember we did this another time not too long ago, and blogged about it here. 

The last time we were up on the beach it was way more cold and windy…like in the negative digits. Sure, this time was still cold and windy, but it was much more pleasant. It's peacefully desolate. We're always the only two living souls up there. The last time we went it was super windblown, and the wave were so cold that they were forming into slush balls when they hit the sand. This time we barely even got a glimpse of the sand. The snow covers the entire beach, from the dunes right down to the surf. And the snow is all encased in a thin layer of ice, making the entire surface just one giant glazed sculpture.

But being that the water temp was slightly warmer this time, the tide was coming in and grabbing huge chunks of the ice, pulling them off shore one by one. Aaron played up here as a little kid, and said he and his brothers and friends would try to hop rides on the ice chunks. My gosh I would kill my little boy for trying that!

Just to let you know…these are the true colors we saw up there. I didn't apply any post production tricks to the photos. Everything had a magical blue glow, unlike the eery grey tint from our previous visit.

It was just a little while before sunset, so there were lots of great shadows and highlights.

Greetings from three blocks from home! Do you think I can pass this off as a pic from an adventure in the great white north?

This was the extent of exposed sand, which is now probably getting covered again in the current snow/sleet storm that's passing through Jersey.

Here you can see that the snow isn't powdery at all. It's glazed with ice. And if you step very lightly you won't even break the surface.

Ok, so this is how Everyday is a Holiday finishes off an Arctic expedition. You'd think that the photos above of the icy tundra couldn't possibly have occurred within minutes of these bakery pics…but that's exactly how we roll. For us, these eclairs, and cream puffs, and strawberry shortcakes fit right in with a trip to the frozen seashore. You NEED a sweet reward!

These are just a few shots from our local bakery…just blocks from us and the beach. We marvel at classic bakeries like this. It's the whole reason why we paint cakes and cupcakes and other bakery inspired things. A real deal bakery embodies the whole spirit of Everyday is a Holiday. Because every single day these sweets are offered up. Countless varieties…amazing selection. And it isn't a holiday…it's simply Tuesday. But a bakery treats every day like a holiday…putting out displays of fantastical sweets and treats to brighten your day. 

We love St. Joseph Pastries! If you live in the NY/NJ area you grow up with Italian pastries. We actually never even considered that these pastries weren't available everywhere. You just grow up thinking that this is the way everyone does sweets. But if you travel the country you'll soon learn that this is not the case. And New York and Jersey are the homes of the Italian street festival…where you'll find even better stuff than this!

And yeah…there are Cookies. And cookies, and cookies, and cookies! Again, these are here every single day for you. You walk in there and you feel like it's almost sacrilege not to get an assorted dozen or two.

Can you guess what we chose? It was actually really really hard to decide. I'm never any good with food decisions. I'd almost rather you just surprise me. I take way way too long to decide. Aaron will keep turning to me saying "pick whatever."…and I just say it right back to him. But in the end we chose...

A couple of these mini strawberry tarts, which are amazing!

And these mini chocolate frosted eclairs! They're soooo cute!

We mainly eat healthy…but every once in a while we like to reboot the system. ha!

Ok, just wanted to give a little insight into our daily life over here. Hope you enjoyed!
xo, Jenny…and Aaron says hi!


  1. Please don't tease me! Those St. Joseph treats are definitely not available in these parts. Our transplanted NY friends take extra luggage every time they go home just to fill with bakery goodness for the return trip to CA!!! It takes a lot to get them to share the loot. A snowy shore would usually boggle my mind but, just yesterday, our local beach encountered a freak hail storm that blanketed it in white - my Facebook & IG streams were a one-day winter wonderland!

  2. Lovely post. Is that Mueller's Bakery? I lived in Wall for 21 years but live in NC now. Miss the Jersey shore but not the winters. Will be in the 70's tomorrow!!

  3. I miss those St. Joseph's!! They don't have them here and sadly, I haven't been home in YEARS! :( LOVING the photos and loving your treats!!!!!

  4. Jen, what are the St.Joseph's made of? Never seen these before. Fabulous bakery, lucky you! Love,Lori

  5. Oh man, sure would love one of those treats with my tea right now!!! Old Man Winter is hanging out a little toooo long here in the Northeast. I have been telling folks I live at the North Pole now. Aloha from upstate New York. THINKING SPRING HERE!

  6. i also live a the jersey shore, in ocean county. i wonder where you are?? this past weekend we took a day trip to cape may, to see the frozen ocean, it was truly amazing.

    i took your house tour, it is so untraditional and so to die for!!!!

  7. The beach looks amazing with snow and ice! So fun! I would love to go to a beach when there is nobody else around! And that bakery! I would have picked those mini eclairs, too! So pretty!
    Michelle xo

  8. Beautiful post. Saw you post on FB and had to pop over. The water and snow is just gorgeous. Something I never get to see living in LA. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day.

  9. So COLD looking. I love that you guys have a bakery, post office and beach within walking distance. That's awesome. I live about 15 miles from everything except we just got a Dollar General about 5 minutes away. Here in Texas they built them out in the rural areas...


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