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This photo is part wishful thinking, part incantation. Maybe if I put enough pastel Easter stuff around those lingering piles of snow will finally melt away and bring the daffodils into bloom. We're currently still cranking the heat, and still wearing heavy winter coats and hats for our daily walks to the post office. But at least the days are longer now and there is more sunlight. I mean, don't get me wrong, I've got bunnies and feather trees out all year round, but when push comes to shove I'll pull out even more to create some weather defying table top parties.

Some of my favorites have to be our faux chocolate rabbits. We love faux sweets...faux cakes, faux donuts. We found these years ago in a cute shop here on the Jersey shore. I wish I could find more. 

This race car fella kills me! Totally looks good enough to eat! Usually I'd start with a bite to the ear, but in this case I'd likely nibble a tire. 

Here is a tiny peek at my prized vintage paper mach rabbit collection which is on display in the studio all year round. 

We've been chipping away an hour a night on "home stuff". We're currently painting trim and walls. The darker walls and dark trim really balance things and make our pastels pop. I can't wait to finish and share some pics with you guys. We've been moving things around and creating some happy vignettes.

Here's a little peek of a shelf in the kitchen. That's a Cake decorating tip used as a holder for a vintage inspired flash card. 

We've been cooking some yummy meals and Aaron has been baking. These are some of our favorite banana nut muffins. 

Mostly we've been working on lots of orders, but we did manage to finish up this piece! It has been on the back burner for far too long. We chipped away at it for the longest time and finally finalized the details. We love how it turned out. It may be my favorite diecut to date! It's in the shop now and we've got it on sale for a special introductory price, which lots of peeps have taken advantage of already. If you're interested it will be on sale until very very late tonight.

We had our first flash sale last week over on Instagram, and as a result lots of donuts will be off to happy new homes this week!! So fun!

Popped into Target the other day and hit up the dollar spot! Although I only walked away with one thing this time…this adorable little file folder thingie. It opens accordion style and has tabbed sections. Perfect for holding all my little bits of ephemera and cute papers that I've got waiting to be added to art journal pages or other mixed media and crafty projects. 

Oh and on the weekend I shared this on Insta and Facebook. My sweet friend Court featured me on her blog for her #GirlCrushFRYday . I was so flattered and had fun answering her great questions. You gotta check out her blog. It is sooooo great. 

Last thing I'll mention...We're presently finalizing some details, but if you are in the NYC area…stay tuned. We will be teaching an Art Journaling class very very soon! 

Thanks for popping in!!
xo Jenny…and Aaron says hi! 


  1. Love, love, love this!!!!! Bunnies are great any time of year. You have inspired me to round up the rabbits around here and make an unforgettable display.

    I always enjoy visiting your blog. I always feel rejuvenated and ready to create.

    1. Thanks so much Lynda! We really have been feeling the effects of this winter dragging on the way it has been, and we decided to take some affirmative action with some bunny clusters! We really do think that way…I guess it's our little version of fake it til you make it. :) Thanks so much for your sweet words!

  2. Hi Jenny!! I love your Easter decorations! Those banana nut muffins looks soooo yummy and the cake flash card is the cutest!! I may have to get over to Target and find one of those black and white file folders! I already have the aqua dot one! :) Hope spring weather comes soon for you guys! It's already perfect here in Texas!
    Michelle xoxo

  3. I have a few faux chocolate bunnies and I was saying to my parents the other day that I really must get into the garage and dig out my Easter decorations.

    Victoria x

  4. i've always been a big admirer of your pastel kitchy vintage sweet vibes...loving the two holidays you have going on and easter! i would have never thought to keep my mini christmas trees up throughout the year, but putting easter egg decorations on them makes me think WHY NOT?!!? loving the new donut box piece too...eeep cuteness overload.

    xoxox Naomi

  5. Everything looks lovely! And the cake decorating tip as a card holder is brilliant :)

  6. Such cute bunnies! I hope that they melt the snow and warm the temps for you guys real soon! Your art food looks good enough to eat! In fact , sometimes I really have to look at the monitor closely to tell if it's real or not! Y'all are so talented! Hugs, Leena

  7. That chocolate bunny with aqua wheels - OMGeewhilikers!!! Ever since I read this I have been looking all over for faux chocolate bunnies. What are the vintage ones made of? Is there some particular brand to look for? If I find any, I will share with my sweet Jersey friends! Did you see Patty's blog that she posted of our weekend? Scroll down to the bottom and see our chocolate cakes for the shadowboxes!! I will send you pics when I finish it. Almost done!! Love y'all!

  8. Oh Jenny darlin'!! You adorable thing! Thank you so much for your heartwarming comment on my blog! You're the cutest! I'm a huge fan of your's so delicious, I want to eat it all! :D You're making the world a whole lot sweeter! I LOVE all of your Easter decorations!! All those bunnies!! So dreamy! xoxo

  9. I love your bunnies! I actually make faux sweets, don't know if you remember but you bought faux pink ribbon candies from me yearsss ago! Making faux chocolate bunnies is one of my favorite items! I am working on a bunny in a car but he will probably debut next Easter, you know how it is, so many ideas ~ but time flies!! :0)


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