For the love of vintage ice cream ads

Recently I was asked if I was old fashioned. And on the surface I thought, "no way, I use an iPad and iPhone all day. I stream Netflix like every night" (but maybe Netflix is old fashioned, I'm not sure). And I don't really dress in a vintage way. I'm more of an all black/daily uniform kinda gal. 
But…when it comes to artistic/aesthetic inspiration for my home or my artwork…well then I'm definitely old fashioned. So much of what me and Aaron do creatively is rooted in the old, the vintage. Especially advertisements…usually from the 40s and 50s…like these ice cream ads. And we don't necessarily emulate what we see in the ads…we just connect with it. We naturally paint sorta in this fashion. Our color choices are time faded and a lot of times our imagery will look half photographic and half illustration. It's just our thing. I could go on for days with all the reasons. The nostalgia…the world when it was more simple…(not better…just simpler). And it's our age too. I feel like we connect with these images because our parents and grandparents once had.

So, about these posters…would you believe they were a gift?! Our friend Connie, who also refers to herself as our Aunt Connie, sent them to us!

To me, they're utter magic. This girl above sorta reminds me of an old-timey version of Kendall Jenner a bit. 

She seriously sent us a totally massive group to add to our collection!

I doubt they were ever hung, since the colors are still so vibrant. Something about that basic red block lettering gets me. 

We love them to bits! Connie is too sweet for words. When we opened the package we gasped. They're perfect. We're really so grateful to Connie for thinking of us, and for sending us these. We are inspired on so many levels! Anyone else collect vintage advertisements?

Thanks for reading. 
xo, Jenny…and Aaron says hi! 


  1. Your thoughts about being or not being old fashioned hit the spot! Very timely topic for me. I vacillate between shabby chic and bold boho colors. Can't figure out how those two things could exist in me simultaneously, but they do. Your thoughts helped me unravel a bit of this mystery. Thanks so much.

  2. How awesome are those!?!??!?! Do you remember last Summer when Coke had the names on the bottles?? I was lucky to find all the family names and then found a vintage display box and then bottle a vintage Coke sign ... I can't wait to put it all together on display :)

  3. this IS your style!!!! your style is so distinct i can instantly recognize your work or your photos from a mile away. or if i see stuff in antique shops that remind me of your work/art of course they can't 100% compare haha. that girl looks scary similar to kendall jenner WOW

    xoxox, naomi |

  4. That is a totally amazing gift and so perfect for you two. They really are spectacular.

  5. These are awesome! I love the banana split! The "old fashioned" style is very inspiring and heart warming, you just gotta love it. Love your style and what a lovely friend you have!

  6. What a wonderful and fun gift!! Love them all!!

  7. they are beautiful! i have a framed vintage ad for an ice cream bar with a whale on it in my dining room. i really love how the ice cream looks in those photos.


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