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Sooooo, you see these?! These are mini donuts we vowed to try once the boardwalk opened for the season. When we went on the day before Easter the boardwalk was only partially open, so we'd have to wait until next time to grab some mini donuts.
  Well this past weekend we had walked over to Aaron's parents house for a visit, and on the walk back home we took the longer route which lead us directly through the boardwalk. 

They're fried much like funnel cake is, and come with powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar. They're good and seem to disappear like magic. The only trace that they even existed in the first place is the dusting of powdered sugar that trails down your shirtfront. The stand also offers iced coffee, which will be perfect in summertime.

Besides those fantastic little donuts the past week has been a blur. What else is new? This is the daily scene around here. Aaron cutting loads and loads of wooden plaques...cakes, cupcakes, pancakes, macarons...

We are almost totally caught up on all of our open orders. So many donuts are out in the world…which is so so fun to think about! 

And not only our single jumbo donuts…but our new boxes of donuts too! 

I've been trying to do some Spring cleaning while batches of donuts and things are drying, but I always get so side tracked. Every time I try to put away my jars, boxes, and tins I have to stop and ogle the candy colored bits inside.

Vintage buttons are truly some of my favorite things! Total eye candy!

And this box…I had stashed it away last year and totally forgot where. I do that often. Well I was so happy to find it the other day. I love everything about it. The imagery, the colors, the typeface used.

Another thing I came across while cleaning, was an extra one of these pins we made last year! So I had a little giveaway over on Instagram. I asked everyone to tell me what cute things they make, and boy that was some great reading and clicking! 

Here's the little package of goodies we sent off to the winner. I think we will be doing these random fun little giveaways more often! 

I was also the recipient of some incredibly happy (unexpected) mail. This adorable necklace with hand stamped charms featuring a cupcake and a J heart A. It's from our talented friend Mary of Hope & Celebrate! I love it! And I love her packaging! 

She also sent me this adorable "eat cake" bar necklace. So so so cute! I wore it today! 

We have been working on so many projects. Some are pretty darn exciting ones that we can't wait to tell you more about. As soon as we are able I promise we will! ; )

Tomorrow is Friday! And for once it actually means something. Now that the boardwalk is open for the season we can take a walk down there any weekend. We may just have to get some boardwalk pizza very soon!

Hope you guys are having a great week!!
xo Jenny & Aaron says hi!


  1. I had so much trouble scrolling past your donuts, drool, but once I did, wow. I absolutely love your photographs. Love your pin, it's awesome.

    Those necklaces are gorgeous and the, eat cake, perfection!

  2. You guys really need to sell those pins, because I really need to have one! Lol.. and now I want a donut! Xoxo

  3. Hmmmmmmmm boardwalk pizza .... yum!!! LOVING all the photos!!!!!!!

  4. those little donuts! i feel like i can taste them just by looking! yum.


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