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Hey guys! Happy Friday! And I'm gonna go ahead and jinx myself and say Happy Spring. I admit that I'm trying to use the power of positive thinking here. We've had two whole days in the 60s this week, and it should be fairly warm this weekend. I'm just really really hoping it stays this way. 
Traditionally the Jersey Shore wakes from it's long winter's nap on Easter. All of the seasonal businesses open their doors for the first time on Easter weekend. The boardwalks will be open…maybe not exactly in full swing...but the Tilt o' Whirl will be whirling, the fry stand will be frying, and the Super Slide will be clogged with kids eager to get their first bumps and bruises of the season. Ha! seriously, I used to work the Super Slide when I was a teen, and believe me…kids + burlap sacks + super steep humpy slide =  cruisin' for a bruising'.

So, to begin with...I just adore this hand stitched felt bunny brooch above by An Astrid Endeavor and I bet you do too. I feel like it's got a vintage appeal and a modern feel all at once.

I was thinking about how I missed a few Friday Favorites these past weeks. And now since it's Good Friday I guess its is as good a Friday as any to decide to get back to tradition. Which makes the above sign perfectly fitting

We have been thinking about moving our studio upstairs, and if we do, we will be going bright whites and creams, with black anchor pieces, and random pops of color. I've been pinning lots of inspiration, and this pic just made me swoon. I love love everything about this! 

How magical does this cake look? It's like fancy and classic/old fashioned all at the same time. The piped pink roses look so fantastic with the glittery gold. It happens to be one of the many creations made by our friend Beca of Tumbleweeds Handcraft. As if she's not busy enough making amazing wood veneer sunglasses, utensil sets, handmade brushes, etc…she also finds the time to whip up bridal shower cakes on the side!
 You can see her steller story about this cake. If you haven't checked out Steller yet, you must. We love it. It's such a cool way to share the story of a day, or maybe a step-by-step project. We look forward to creating a few more of our own. Beca & Doug's Steller contributions have been so inspiring. You see the pics and read the stories, and you just want to jump into their little world down in the Florida wilds. 

Even if it is messy, I just love this pale pink hair paired with that light, pretty, peachy makeup. This is a back stage shot of Charlotte Free.  

Ohhh these two dresses are just beyond beyond pretty! So so up my alley! The pink may be a smidge too peach, but I'm going to pretend that it is just the lighting. 
Those stars! the ties! the ruffles! Yes! Can I please just have these in my spring summer wardrobe?!
 I came across the pic on pinterest, which only lead to a dead tumblr link. So…the search continues! 

Ok… this bench is amazing. But here's the thing…the description doesn't say what color the fabric is. My mind is seeing it as classic black…but I've been fooled in the past, only to discover the black is actually navy. But once again…who cares...we will do some pretending. This absolutely black and cream bench would look so so good in our home! 

And for good measure I think I'll maybe accent the bench with this Nathalie Lete pillow . Oh geez…wouldn't that be so so good?!!! 

I laughed when I saw this. I swear I've typed this exactly in a few texts to some close friends. ha! I love this image. It would look amazing framed. 

And let's finish on this. I would love love love to sink my teeth into one of these right now. With a tall ice cold glass of almond milk. They happen to be 5 Ingredient (healthy) No Bake bars!! Absolutely making these very very soon.

Well guys, that's it for me. It's raining on this friday night, and we plan on putting a few more hours into work before going up to our room to snuggle with the pups and do some netflixing, which happens to be an actual word. Here's proof. ;)

If we don't pop in again before Sunday…Happy Easter! or Passover! or Spring!
xo Jenny…and Aaron says hi! 


  1. Bellissime ispirazioni!
    Happy Easter!!

    1. Thanks bunches sweet girl! Happy to share! And Happy Easter to you! xo

  2. Loving these!!! That bench looks navy to me :)

    1. Hanks Julie! Ha! I wish the listing for the bench mentioned color! Weird! xo


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