Meet artist Katie Holland our Feature Sponsor for April!

You may already know a bit about our feature sponsor if you've clicked and visited her button on our side bar. But in case you haven't then this is a great introduction for you! And if you're already familiar with her work, now's your chance to dig a little deeper and see what a talented, dedicated, down to earth, and unique artist she is. We're so thrilled to share this little Q & A with you all today! Grab a cup of coffee, (maybe iced) or maybe a cup of tea (that you'll make too hot, let cool, and then have to heat up again. ha! isn't that so so true?!), and get to know a little more about Katie Holland.

1. What is your name and/or business and blog name?
I'm Katie Holland and my business is called simply "Katie Holland Art"

2. What do you do? ...and when did you start?
I've been back and forth with making crafty items and doing fine art, but recently I've been mostly focusing on the art side of things. 
I've been making ever since I was a kid and seriously got in to painting about 2002 when I was in college. I've kept on ever since, 
I really can't imagine art not being a part of my life! 

3. What/Who are you inspired by?
Generally I am really inspired my vintage items such as etiquette books from the 50's and 60's. I collect them and they have been a huge source 
of inspiration for my work. 

As far as artists who inspire me, I would have to say Tracey Emin is at the top of that list. Her work is so bold, I really admire her. 
There are so many other people, too many to list! I truly enjoy following my favorite artists on social media and seeing what they are up to. 
A (very) short list would be Ashley Goldberg, Tuesday Bassen, Lisa Congdon, and Michelle Armas. And of course Aaron and Jenny here :)

4. Where do you create? home studio? kitchen table? sofa?
We have a small second bedroom in our apartment that is office/studio space. It's a bit cramped, but I make it work! I am hoping for a bigger space one day of course, but it's a lot better than working in my kitchen, which I have done before.

5. What are some of your fave movies/shows/bands/music?
I'm starting to realize that I have a bit of a TV problem, haha. Recently I've been watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, West Wing, Trailer Park Boys, House of Cards, and House Hunters. 
For music it depends what mood I'm in, but I listen to most genres and tend to listen to punk the most. I love listening to comedy podcasts too! 

6. Do you collect anything?
It's probably for the best we have a small space and it limits what I can collect! For now I collect buttons and vintage postcards. I don't really have anything on display at the moment, it's mostly just for my enjoyment. 

7. Favorite art/craft supplies?
I have really been into a more fluid acrylic paint lately as opposed to a heavy body one. For crafting I love washi tape, it's so fun.  

8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I hope to make more of a name for myself in the art community. I would like to be a homeowner by then as well and be able to make a cozy home filled with art (our walls now are full!).

9. Three favorite websites/blogs/shops...etc?
Curbed Chicago (I love looking at architecture and interior design)
Tumblr- I love following such a variety of blogs (comedy, architecture, art, etc)

10. anything else you'd like to add :)
Thank you for having me! It's so nice to share my work and what makes me happy. I've been following your blog for years and am SO glad I found it way back in the day :)


Katie's great! We love her style and we're so happy we could share this little profile with you guys. 

If you'd like to see and know more make sure to visit her blog and her website.

And if the urge to shop strikes you, visit her Etsy shop where Everyday is a Holiday readers can use code: HOLIDAYANDKATIE 
for free shipping on anything in her Etsy shop (US only).

Thanks again for reading! Happy Sunday! 
xo Jenny & Aaron


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