Our first Saturday Night of the Season

"The boardwalk was where all of New Jersey came together; Where New Jersey for better or worse, met itself."  
- Junot Diaz, Pulitzer Prize winner, NJ native

We kinda didn't even realize it before the very moment that we left the house this past Saturday night, but we had been dying for a night like this. It wasn't some amazing life changing transcendent experience. But wow it felt good to be able to walk down to the shore on a perfect jacket-optional evening. The winter had stretched on forever, and we spent so so much time working at home huddled in front of a space heater. This little spring break for an al fresco slice of pizza felt well earned.

And jeez, if you've got a place like this within walking distance you'd be crazy not visit whenever the opportunity presented itself. The carousel in the old carousel building is gorgeous. It sits dead center in a ballroom shaped hall beneath a nearly forty foot high gabled ceiling. What is it about marquee lights? Why are they so magical?

But really, our main goal that night was to get our first slice of the year from Pizza V. When Aaron was young he actually worked here for a brief stretch, but back then it was called Pizza Villa. I believe he was paid either 1.00 or 1.25 an hour. ha! Rolling in the dough…both literally and figuratively (rolling dough balls was one of his chief duties) He mainly worked there so he could spend his summer days alongside his best friend who also worked there.

So now, it's got a new name, it's in a new building (since the original one was swept away by Hurricane Sandy), but the pizza is exactly the same. The recipe has not changed one bit. 

As a rule, all up and down the Jersey Shore, boardwalk slices are substantially larger than most pizza parlor slices

And they're always thicker, they fold great, and never flop. Perfectly designed to be eaten while standing or walking while also trying to keep an eye your clan of kiddies. 

Yeah, did I mention that I love marquee lights?

There are a handful of adult sized rides but the park in general leans toward a kiddie audience. I actually worked in this section of the park when I was a teen. My job was at the top of the Super Slide putting little kids in burlap sacks and sending them down the slide. Among my coworkers the ride you see above and below was only called the Mini Himi.

I love that each cart is adorned with a mini winter scene.

This ride, The Crazy Caterpillar, dates back to before me and Aaron were even born I believe. Of course it's been repainted a million times over though.

And yeah, one must get something fried and absurd when one visits a boardwalk. I think Confucius said that.
At the very last boardwalk stand they've got Funnel Cakes and Fried Oreos, pictured above is the latter.  I swear, what a strategically placed business. It's almost an afterthought…like, oh before we go home let me get one last bite of absurdity. Also, it's a perfect last minute treat-stop because the night is over, and who cares anymore about getting a third cup of powdered sugar all down your front.

What a perfect way to spend our first Saturday night out of the season. 
We hope to bring you guys many more Jersey Shore sights and experiences this summer!
xo, Jenny & Aaron


  1. i have a huuuuge love of carnivals and the boardwalk kind of reminds me of one big permanent carnival. i need to visit jersey again like right now.

    xo, allie

    1. Yes! It really is so much like a permanent carnival! We can hear the boardwalk from our house all summer long! :)

  2. Oh man, that pizza looks amazing... I've never been to the NJ boardwalk but really want to go! <3

    xox Sammi

    1. Pizza V is seriously some of THE BEST boardwalk pizza we've ever had, and we have had LOTS! ha! Oh you should visit!! You'd really like Pt. Pleasant boardwalk. The town has lots of antique shops too, so you'd have a really fun full day! So many great boardwalks in Jersey! And the retro motels of Wildwood are magical!! XO

  3. Oh this place looks amazing Jenny! So glad y'all are out for some fun times! I think Mark and I need to see this place! I have heard a lot about Wildwood - do they have Airstreams for rent there too? And of course to see my wonderful friends would be a humonguous plus! Oh and those fried oreos....welcome to a little South in your Mouth sweetpea :-)

  4. Now I'm hungry ha ha what a lovely way to spend an evening.
    Fun, full of memories, yummy and colorful sounds like a great start to the summer season.

  5. Love seeing your photos. I grew up in Vineland, NJ (where my family still lives), so we gt to Ocean City at least once a year when I head back north.

  6. Jenny, I just got an email telling me that you are my Pinterest "twin" because we share so many pins. Ha! I'm not surprised!! Great minds think alike, right? xoxo


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