Each year I feel like the span of time between holiday seasons gets shorter and shorter. I mean, I'm definitely a holiday centric girl, and I've got holidays on the brain all year round...that goes without saying. 
I count life experience by how many Christmas trees you've had so far. And I remind myself that life is short by estimating how many more Christmas trees we're gonna have. Yeah, I talk sorta like how Native Americans tell campfire stories in the movies "Many moons ago..."  
But my version is "Many Christmas trees ago..." ha!
For me Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are basically all one entity. It's the time of year to celebrate our family, our friends...our Chihuahuas.
As far as family goes I've got a ton to be thankful for. My sister and brothers' lives are expanding...there are engagements, new houses and apartments, a new baby on the way...
And I talk with my mom more than ever. And me and Aaron spend so so much time with his dad Skip.
Also, every year at Thanksgiving I try to make a mental list of everything that I have gained in the preceding year. This year I'm especially aware of my friendships that have grown deeper and stronger. Friendships that mean the world to me. 
Me and Aaron live a life that is fairly isolated in the physical sense...we work from home (a whole lot!) and we don't go out much. But at the same time we are connected to so so many people, and we have real deal relationships despite being separated by a whole lotta geography.
Human connection makes the world go round. And I'm so thankful for each and every friend I have. 
It's so great that me and Aaron get to make this art that we make. Its so great that so many people are touched by what we do. The feedback we get is tremendous. We could blush for days over the sweetness that comes our way.

Thanks to all of you for sticking by us through the years. Your friendship is the best gift we could ever receive. We hope that you and yours...friends near and far, have an amazing Thanksgiving.
You are such a big part of ours!

xo, Jenny & Aaron


  1. xo and Happy Day to you and Aaron. Friendships..well said!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Jenny and Aaron!

  3. Your sentiments are so touching and REAL. May you, Aaron, the pups and all your family & friends have a wonderful Thanksgiving, as it ushers in the season of Joy, Hope & Peace.

  4. Sounds like your life is full and rich and wonderful! Happy Thanksgiving.

    Tamara <3

  5. We are also thankful to you! Thank you for inspiring us and making our life everyday worthwhile. You're really right, we need to appreciate all the blessings we have and enjoy our life with our family and loved ones and create more bonding moment with them! Since I want our Thanksgiving Day to become memorable, I gave them an interesting and new gift ideas this year, I printed some 3d printed cake decorations for our dinner and gave them some awesome 3d printed gifts! Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Beautiful post ... so thankful for you and Aaron and the bright spot you add to my days!!!!!

  7. Love to you guys too, especially after a hard year for you. ♥

    I emailed you the other day about a possible custom order, but if it disn't reach you, I'll re-write at some point. I know this is a crazy time of year for you arr-teests. :)

  8. You write from your heart and it's beautiful. Hope you and Aaron had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Christmas is coming! Blessings to you both.

  9. Love when anyone counts their blessings especially during challenging times. I hope this holiday season is good to you both!

  10. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  11. I hope everything is going well for you. You have a lovely blog.


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