Ocean Grove Fall Flea Market 2017

Oh heyyyy! Yeah, I know. We said we'd be around more often. #life. What can ya do?

I know that as a small business owner having a blog is a great thing. You can share behind the scenes studio bits & show new designs or whatever. But for us the blog has always been more personal. It's something we did "for fun" and as a way to reach out to like minded friends...like you. Of course we'll still share some behind the scenes biz stuff, but today's post is all about fun.
So with that being said...we had some FUN this weekend and we thought we'd share! 
See this sleepy eyed duo above? Well they hopped the train to Asbury Park for the big Ocean Grove Fall Flea. If you are a long time reader you know that we have been going to the flea for years! Ocean Grove is a tiny town full of Victorian architecture, Bed & Breakfasts, candy colored tent houses, old time-y ice cream parlors and shops, set right on the Atlantic Ocean. It is a stone's throw from Asbury Park. Yes, Bruce's Asbury Park. Home of The Stone Pony. And both these towns happen to be a short train ride away for us, which makes for the perfect day trip.

So once you get off the train you have to walk through Asbury to get to Ocean Grove. Which is perfect because Purple Glaze donuts is in Asbury. So we always stop in for an early morning sugar fix. 

Some friends had mentioned seeing one of our donut plaques hanging on the wall at Purple Glaze, and they were right! We didn't remember shipping a donut to Purple Glaze, so we asked them where they got it. Well it turns out that one of their customers, an 8 year old kid they nicknamed "The Donut Ambassador," gifted it to them. Love it! 

In addition to their already amazing menu, Purple Glaze offers Vegan donuts! And they are GREAT! We got a coconut cream with toasted coconut, a chocolate with chocolate glaze and peanut butter drizzle, a chocolate/chocolate with marshmallow drizzle, and a classic vanilla glazed. They were SO GOOD! 

After our donuts we walked over to O.G. and passed one of our favorite rows of tent houses. How adorable is this one? That vintage clown cookie jar is everything! It brings so much personality to the house. 

We all know Jenny & Aaron brake for pastels. Too bad these prices were kinda bananas for a flea market. $10.00 for the pink planter wasn't awful, but most vases were like $40-$65. I was hoping for $10 and under. 

Some of you may remember that my fave find at last year's Spring Flea was one of these vintage boxed shell collections. Well I'm still on the hunt for these and would love a bunch more of them. I was hoping to find one with a pink background or more of an aqua background. I passed on these two, but now I'm wishing that I grabbed this yellow one. 

How adorable are these vintage S&P shakers? If the pink ones were Atlantic City I woulda bought them. Yeah I know...I'm so particular. ha! 

Here's a happy Aaron holding a "bucket" of our favorite flea market beverage! Caribbean iced tea! It's so so tasty. It's flavored with all sorts of fruit and lemons. Pretty sure any of our Southern friends would totally be into it. Not sure if Caribbean iced tea is a Jersey thing, but if it is I'd say it's the closest thing to Sweet Tea we have! 

These guys in the kettle corn tent were working like lunatics! People love their kettle corn! 

Pretzels. We love pretzels. And yep... pass the mustard! 

 This gal woulda looked perfect in our vintage seashore bathroom, but $30 was too rich for my blood.  

Look at this BEAUTY! I think I made some weird sounds when I saw her! Perfect condition. I don't think it was ever used! They were asking $129.00, which I'm sure is "book value" but totally not in my budget. I really hope it went to the perfect home! Geez, she's a beauty! 

I'm a big fan of nuts. We have some vintage paper mache nut candy containers on our mantel, and I'm currently looking for a peanut cookie jar...or would it be a nut jar? We'll most likely keep peanuts in it for our favorite neighborhood squirrels. 

Of course I stopped. 

Vintage Christmas collectibles are some of our faves!! 

If you're at a flea market in Jersey nearly every vendor has at least one Bruce item for sale. Bruuuuuuuce. 

bebe bun. 

Faces of the Flea

We LOVE the postcard people. They've been setting up at the flea since the beginning. You could seriously spend HOURS digging through these boxes. Aaron was looking at old postcards of our town and I was looking at all the old Wildwood NJ motel postcards. My favorite!!

The skies were picture perfect! The bluest blue with big fluffy white clouds! 

I could do a lot with this house. That upstairs sun room is dreamy. Right on the ocean too!

Of course we had to stop at our favorite dog treat lady's table. Me & My Dog Pet Bakery. We've been buying from her for about a decade!! Everything she does is perfection! 

On the train on the way to the flea we decided that Squirrel items were at the top of our list for the day. Would you believe we didn't find one! Well, except for these treats. 

Yeah, squirrels...that's a blog post for the near future. The adorable little guys who visit our deck every day have us obsessed. Not kidding. 

These chairs made us stop in our tracks. So good, so weird, so retro. And anyone that follows @jengotch (stories) on Instagram would prob chuckle. ;)

I mentioned this in the previous post...I have always loved beach souvenir shops. Some of my happiest memories are of the Wildwood NJ boardwalk and those souvenir shops! Shell mobiles, sun hats, souvenir plates, photo albums, trinket boxes etc...
Right there on the OG Boardwalk is one of the BEST beach souvenir shops ever! It really has everything you'd want! T-shirts, towels, chairs, magnets, mugs, sunglasses, kites, shell decor...
seriously everything! 

Some of you may be familiar with this face, and for those that aren't, his name is Tillie! He's Asbury Park's mascot! A similar grinning face was once the mascot of Coney Island.  You can read a bit more about him here

Here he is painted on the Wonder Bar. How FUN is this building?

Madam Marie, an Asbury Park icon. You can read more here.

Cutest little boardwalk crepe shop. 

After the Flea we walked back over to Asbury Park to grab something to eat. Being that Asbury is super vegan friendly we had lots of choices. We were both in the mood for pizza so Crust & Crumble it was! We had the best vegan mozzarella sticks and some killer vegan pizza with sausage, cashew ricotta, mozzarella, pesto, marinara and roasted peppers. 

Then finished the day watching swan boats on the lake and eating chocolate chip cookies and this perfect slice of carrot cake from Twisted Tree Cafe

Ocean Grove Fall Flea 2017

Here's a little video of our day.

The Ocean Grove flea market never disappoints. Even if you come home with barely any treasures, there's so much to do and see in OG and Asbury. Especially when the weather is as perfect as it was this past Saturday. 

Ok, hope to be back soon!

Love from the Jersey Shore, 
xo Jenny...and Aaron


  1. How fun!!!!! I love all the photos!! My Brookie and Brian would have yelled "PSYCHIC" when they same Madame!! LOL!! It's their thing when they see a shop or a sign for one! HA!!!! :)

    1. Thanks Julie! We can't believe how lucky we've been weather-wise here. It's probably the same type of weather you guys have in February! Highs of 70. Just the way we like it. And would you believe that Madam Marie was telling fortunes on the Asbury Boardwalk since 1932?! And she continued until 2008 when she passed. Crazy.
      Thanks again for checking in with us!
      xo Jenny & Aaron

  2. This post is the best! It looks like you guys had a great day, thanks for sharing all the pretties.

    1. Ahh Thanks Katie!! Yeah it was a really good day! You need to visit! xo

  3. I have never!!!! This place is magical. I want it on my calendar for next year! So please let me know,as soon as you know a date! You should have taken your Bubba Keg for that sweet tea! And those tent houses are unreal....are they really tents? I love Tilly!!! And those S&P shakers ���� this place just looks like you two!! Thanks for sharing your fun wonderful day❤ Love y'all, Becky

    1. Isn't it great Becky!!!? And its all super close to other adorable shore towns! Yeah! We will let you know the best time to visit! The tent houses are indeed tents! Someone posted a link to a video tour of this actual tent with the clown cookie jar in the comments section on my fb post. See if you can scroll back to it to see! At the end of the season the tent portion is taken down... and all tat is left is a wood base, and maybe like a wood shed type thing. They have been in families for generations! Thanks for popping in Becky! Always love seeing you!! XO

  4. This looks like a totally fun weekend! The Wonder Bar looks like a super cool place. Also I want one of each of those sunhats..

    1. Ocean Grove and Asbury Park are a great time!! Lots to do, see, and eat! And yes! Wonder Bar is the cutest! They even have a Yappy Hour! Where people can bring their dogs!! And yes! That bin of pastel sun hats was such eye candy!! Thanks for popping in and taking the time to comment! xo

  5. Looks like it was a great day. I'll have to get up to that sale sometime. I think Caribbean tea is a North Jersey thing . Never heard of it in South Jersey. I just came back from a trip to OC, where I had my share of Kohr Bros Custard and brought back Fralinger's salt water taffy for the husband.

    1. Hi Erica! Yes! You def have to plan on going to one of the OG Fleas! They have two per year! Ohhh Kohrs! yes!! And yes to Fralinger's taffy!! Boardwalk classics! Thanks for popping in and taking the time to comment! xo

  6. I love digging through those postcard boxes!

    1. Yes! You could totally spend an afternoon doing just that! Thanks for popping in! xo

  7. I was at the flea market that day. I'm sorry I didn't see you there. (You may remember meeting me in Michael's a few years ago.) It was a fabulously beautiful day at Ocean Grove - which is always pretty beautiful anyhow. Your pictures do the day the justice it deserves. Thank you for all the beauty you put into the world.

    1. Hi Cathy! Thanks so so much for the super sweet words!! Wasn't it the perfect day?! And yes Ocean Grove is always pretty fantastic...but that weather just took it to the next level! Funny, we have met quite a few blog readers in Michael's over the years! We are all into he same stuff! ha! Thanks so so much for popping in and for taking the time to comment! We love hearing from our readers! It makes it all way more fun! Happy October! xo


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