Christmas & New Years recap

Every year you hope to change for the better. You try to remind yourself of the previous year's mistakes and then make the changes that will hopefully steer you clear of those familiar missteps and bad decisions. 
And this year I think we actually did it! 

In 2018 we definitely righted some of the wrongs of 2017. This blog post alone is proof. In 2017 we honestly didn't have one spare minute to blog, or even to take decent photos during the holiday season. Every year, from September to January the two of us pretty much disappear from the outside world. We just bury ourselves in WORK. 24/7 work, work, work.
And we were OK with that. Well we weren't really OK with it, but we told ourselves we were.

 But last January, in the aftermath of an especially grueling Christmas season we vowed to change things up in 2018. So this year we made almost everything in advance and in our shop we only offered limited quantities of a handful of pieces. 
And it was definitely a sacrifice. We could've shipped out lots more pieces to many more customers and collectors. We had a ton of artwork that was probably about halfway finished, but instead of pulling weeks of all nighters and stressing ourselves out we literally boxed all the stuff up and stored it away for next year. And it was so worth it.
Today is New Years Day and the two of us can't remember feeling this relaxed in years.     

During the holidays my parents (meaning me - Jenny ;) stay with us here in Jersey. They live in a cabin way up in the wilderness of New York, about 7 hours away, and on holidays or for any of the grandkids' birthdays they come down to NJ and stay at our place. My brothers and sister all live relatively close to us so our house works perfectly for their NJ headquarters while they're visiting all the grandkids (there are 4 of 'em now!).  

My parents arrived about a week before Christmas and this morning was the end of their visit. Right now it's just me and Aaron and the pups, and the house is just so quiet.  

We were just saying that New Years Day might be our new favorite day. Seriously, we never ever take time to just sit still. But today that's all we're doing. And wow...we really needed this.

It really is the perfect day to sit back and truly appreciate your home. The holidays are over but all of the decorations are still here. The lights are twinkling, candles are lit, and every surface in every room has some sparkle.

In the lead up to Christmas we're working every waking minute, and then we're cooking and baking and visiting family, and it isn't until now that we really get to stop and look around at all of our magical little collectibles and decorations.

 Each year the family evolves a bit more and we're kinda just going with the flow and starting new traditions. My sister Missy and her husband Greg have a brand new son Desmond, he's 5 months old and he's just amazing. And they also finished a bunch of renovations on their house, so this year we did Christmas Eve at their place and I think that's gonna be the yearly thing now. 

On Christmas Day me and Aaron cook dinner for his dad and brother and we spend a few hours over at Aaron's parents' house. Then in the evening we go over to my brother Richard's house and see the rest of the family.

Looking at these photos now is kinda like getting to do a little replay of the past month or so. 

We were super busy with work and had to pull out our decorations pretty much one box at a time. It went by in a blur and I honestly can't remember doing it all!

Little by little the Christmas magic started to accumulate around the house.

We inherited this ceramic tree from Aaron's grandmother. 

This Santa music box is exactly like the one from my childhood. We're not sure what happened to the original. It just went missing over the years. But a few weeks ago my mom surprised me with this and I instantly started crying. It's not some super rare amazing collectible or anything, but it was a big part of my childhood Christmas. For some reason it was the first thing I would grab when the decorations came down from the attic each year.

Target absolutely nailed it with this wreath. It's our new favorite thing. Seriously, a few times over the past few days me or Aaron would stop in mid conversation and say "wow, isn't that wreath just amazing?!" 
It's so cuddly and cozy and colorful. I want to wear this thing!

And one of my favorite treasures of all time. Our pink haired angel tree topper. We found her virtually brand new in her department store box.

Decking the Halls 2018

I'm so glad we took the time to capture these little moments and vignettes in this video (click the pic above to watch). We chipped away at the decor and the gift wrapping a tiny bit at a time during lunch breaks, or right after dinner, or right before bed.

Here she is in her spot. She's so sweet!

We love how the bright colors look in front of our dark walls. But next Christmas might be different! We're not painting the walls, but I'm thinking that we might move the tree into the little area off the dining room.

Lots of old favorites and some brand new additions. Like this super cute cotton candy ornament. We got it on clearance for maybe one dollar! 

And one of our new Everyday Ornaments. Rainbows and Christmas go together perfectly over here.

We like to fill every inch with magic.

Over the years it's sorta like a slow gathering of long lost friends. The frosted glass whale showed up about three years ago and I couldn't imagine the tree without him.

Same goes for our pink elephant. I think he showed up two years ago.

A little sampling of this year's gift wrap. 

We're super proud of these two new ornaments. The designs came to us almost instantaneously. We got a bunch of these two different paper mache ornaments and I painted the little house scene...  

...and Aaron painted Santa and his donut. 
Both were inspired by vintage Christmas cards. 

We made batch after batch after batch and they all sold out so quickly! 

And of course we painted a box of Christmas Donuts! 

These were a big hit too. We're hoping to paint a Valentines edition very soon!

We also brought back some of our most popular ornaments from the past couple years. 

But there is one major difference. They used to be made from cardboard, but now they're all made of wood! 

They are so so nice. 

Totally heirloom quality now that they're wood. And it's a good idea to hold onto the packaging. It's a great way to store them away for next year.
Jeez, you guys wouldn't even believe how much stuff we have in store for next year. Seriously, I wasn't exaggerating when I said that we have a whole lotta stuff about halfway completed. It's all boxed up and waiting for Christmas 2019!

Really, I cannot believe that it's all over. Christmas and New Years 2018 are over and done with. It's really sinking in today.
We're relaxing but we're also making all sorts of mental notes and planning out the next few weeks. We were sitting in our pink kitchen on New Years Eve drinking pink sparkling cider out of pink hobnail goblets (I think they're really for ice cream ; ) and it got us thinking about how Valentines is just around the corner. I think it's safe to say that you guys will be seeing a whole lotta pink stuff at Everyday is a Holiday very very soon!


Me and Aaron are both so happy and thankful for all of you guys for supporting us and for loving what we do. We have a lot of big plans for this year, lots of stuff to tell you about, but I'd need an entire blog post to even begin to scratch the surface.
Thank you guys so so much!
Happy Happy 2019!
Love from the Jersey Shore,
xo Jenny & Aaron


  1. So happy you had a wonderful holiday season! LOVING all the decorations and your angel tree topper is gorgeous!! Happy New Year!!!

    1. Julie! You are always the absolute sweetest! Thank you so so much! Happy New year! xo

  2. It would be so much fun to see your house all decorated for Christmas! I must have pinned half the photos. Love that tinsel tree!

    1. Hi Erica! Thanks so so much for the super sweet words! Happy New Year!! xo


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