Our Pink Frosted Dollhouse

If you follow me on Instagram you may have caught a few sneak peeks of this gal's makeover. She's loving life now that she looks like a giant pink frosted cake! Seriously though...have you seen some of those custom cakes on Cake Boss? They're insane, sometimes 80% of the "cake" is some crazy armature. Barely any actual cake. So calling this house a cake isn't really a stretch. 
If this house was real and in your neighborhood I bet everyone would call it the pink frosting house. Ok maybe not everyone, but probably a lot of people, and I bet I'd like most of those people.

Here's how she looked before. Super rustic, lots of charm. She fits perfectly on this super old cupboard we have (Which may also be getting a makeover soon).

No, she isn't actually electrified. I have seen some fancy dollhouses with real deal wiring throughout, but we just stuck a strand of Christmas lights inside. It's super cute & cozy at night. 

Disco Santa throws Holiday ragers every year! And since there's no front door...Anyone is welcome! 

Here's a better look. You can see that she was Rustic with a capital R! The stucco was chipping off in lots of spots and a few of the windows had fallen out.
No better time than Quarantine for a fresh new look! 
Before we get into what we did, Who wants to see inside?! 
Yeah you do! 

Yowza! Were you expecting all this orange and brown? And lime green? It legit looks like an abandoned house. Ready for details? 

This is the kitchen. Not tooooo bad. Maybe some fresh paint, new flooring, and some curtains.

I'm thinking this must be the dining room? It's right off the kitchen. I actually love the idea of the miniature artwork stuck to the walls. My grandma had a big framed print that was pretty similar to this one hanging over her couch. Yes it was a brown floral couch. She had brown shag carpeting too! Wild!

Here's the living room. The carpeting seems to be a piece of a dish rag or towel stapled down! Pretty creative! It's all so so homemade. The hand painted brick fireplace is great! And the curtains are pieces of stapled lace. The previous interior decorator really loved their staple gun.

Here's a close up! This "statement wall" is black! Which you already know I am a fan of! I wonder if I'll end up keeping it? hmmm

Here's a close up of the bricks!  And that clock! For some reason I love it more that it is pasted paper than if it were an actual mini clock.
And the amazing staircase! I love the railing!

Ok, so if you were to walk up those stairs you'd find yourself here! Check out that gallery wall! 

A mirror, and a shadowbox, and is that a tapestry? 

And then we have this small bedroom. Yikes! A horror movie could totally be filmed in this room. You couldn't pay me to sleep in it. 

And then we have the Master bedroom with it's stylish half shag green carpeting (towel), and half linoleum flooring continuing in from the hallway. And gooooorgeous window treatments.

To be honest, in our first apartment Aaron and I made some no-sew curtains that weren't too far from these. Ok not really, but sorta. Ours had hot glued fringe!  

The Luxury! That carpeting! 

And ohhh boy the attic! Creep city! That's where the broken windows have been stored. Gotta keep it authentic! Is it possible to move into an old house and not find old doors or windows in the attic? I think not. Those green bits must be all that is left of some more "carpeting".

Ok so now that we had the grand tour, back to the exterior. You can see how in need of a makeover she was. It's way beyond "rustic". If she were a real life house the town woulda stepped in by now and stuck some orange stickers on the front door and fined the owner. 

So here's our inspiration! Can you even take it? How good are these!? We've always been big big fans of Tudor style homes, and the idea of going pink or minty aqua...that's some next level LOVE! 

I went back and forth for about 40 mins...Should I go pink or aqua? pink or aqua? Initially I was leaning toward the aqua! But because we plan on keeping her in the living room we knew the big pop of pink would be so so good! 

Look at this! 

And ooh mannnnn as soon as I started brushing that pink paint on I knew it was the right decision! Aaron walked in the room just nodding his head yep yep yep. Those stucco swirls were instantly swirls of pink buttercream frosting! 



So Much YES! 

Geez yessss! 

The best! 

It's such a MOOD isn't it!? Best decision!! It instantly makes me happy! 

Aaron asked if he could help with anything, and since he has the steadier hand I immediately said - yesss you can! We need some louvered shutters! And he got right to it! So cute right!?

We loved the existing look of the hand painted chimney bricks so we just touched up where it had  chipped off. Good as new! And yes...this is the same technique that they did on the living room fireplace bricks.

As much as we enjoy Disco Santa's open house parties...the heating bills are ridiculous and things got a little too Grey Gardens for our liking. So we decided to make a quick cute front door. We just used the back board of a drawing pad. We cut a piece to size and painted it. 

Here it is! It's just stuck in there for the moment but we'll probably figure something out with tape as a hinge so that it can open and close. 

Doesn't she look so happy!? So sweet! Like so sweet looking you'd expect her to actually be strawberry scented! We're so glad we did this. We have lots of ideas for the interior too! We will probably be taking it room by room. And yes! We will be sure to share it all! 

Hope you guys like this little makeover and house tour! Do any of you have dollhouses? Or favorite dollhouse blogs or ig accounts? We'd love to know! 

Thanks for popping in! We're glad to be back!
xo J&A 


  1. Amazing transformation on the Exterior... funny I'm a Realtor by Day.. and the interior totally reminded me of a major fixer-upper I showed tonight! Of at least the one I showed is a close second. Enjoy ... I sold the dollhouse I had for my grand-peeps when they all moved to of state, but I picked up another on Marketplace and it sits in my Studio waiting to be given the magic touch! believe me its no way near in need of the work you two have ... gonna be fun to see your work in progress!

    1. Hi Diane! Thanks!! Oh wow! haha! We always wonder if there are still many houses out there that haven't been touched since the 60s or 70s. Would love to see them!! We hope you'll share your dollhouse!! We'd LOVE to see you work your magic!! Have fun!! And thank you SO much for popping in!! xo

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhh it looks AMAZING!!!! The inside reminds me of ALL the 'before' houses on any HGTV show!! LOL!!! :)

    1. Thanks Julie!! It really was like this instant dose of happiness once the pink paint started going on! And lol yesss!! There really are houses out there that look like this! Wild! We want to see them in person! Thanks for popping in! Have a great weekend! Be safe and well! xo

  3. Hello! It's good to read you again! I loved your portraits in your previous blogpost. You're so talented! Love the lovely work you did on this cute doll house and i can advice the adorable website of french artist Laetitia Mieral https://www.merveillesenpapier.com/ ; she makes gorgeous videos and speaks in english. Enjoy !

    1. Ahh thank you so much!! We really appreciate it! So kind! Can't wait to check out Laetitia! Thank you!!

  4. Jenny!! It's been so long since I've blogged or looked at your blog, and I don't know if you even remember me, but I just recently got active on Instagram and found you, and saw your pink dollhouse and had to send a message! So I got a tudor dollhouse like 5 years ago that I painted white because I loved pics of yours so much! I love your change to the pink, although mine will probably stay white for now lol. But I just thought if you wanted any inspiration for the indoor decorating, you may be interested to take a look at what I did for mine- vintage wallpaper in aquas and pinks and yellows. It's one of my very favorite dollhouses! If you look on my blog and search "Myrna's Rooming House", you'll find it. Anyway, love seeing what you guys have been up to, and I was so excited when I saw you on Instagram! (I'm Brushstrokes By Corey on there!) ❤

    1. Corey!! Hello hello! Oh my gosh! Of course I remember you! Hello old friend! How are you!? So great to hear from you! Oh wow! Yes! I know you had started really getting into the dollhouses yrs ago! You had some INCREDIBLE houses! I'll have to pop over to your blog!! Myrna's Rooming House!! I LOVE it! Thanks so so much for popping in!! Let's keep in touch!! xoxo

  5. Ahhh, it looks so good!! I love what you've done on the exterior thus far, and wow, I am totally delighted by the tour of the interior. Very 70's spooky... in a bad way. I look forward to more updates!

  6. Talk about an incredible transformation! <3


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