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*This is an archive of an Art Journaling series that we did. We hope to add more classes in the near future!
Art Journaling is hugely popular. (hooray for that!)  We're not trying to reinvent the wheel with any of these classes. We're more into shining some light of a brighter tint upon your pages. We wanted to bring together some of our everyday inspirations and apply them to a series of Art Journaling classes that will hopefully get you guys in the creative spirit. The idea is to crack open your Journals on a much more frequent basis. We cover lots of basics and touch on a few advanced processes...but one thing is certain: beginners and old pros can have equal fun working along with us. Because it's all about freeing yourself to get creative in your very own way. There are no rules and no way to get it wrong. An Art Journal is personal and yours to do whatever you want with it. 
If you like what you see here in these classes we know that you'll LOVE our book, Mixed Media Masterpieces with Jenny & Aaron. The book has equal parts mixed media projects and fabulous Art Journaling tutorials with highly detailed step by step instructions and gorgeous illustrative photography. 

We hope you'll join us! 
xo Jenny & Aaron

We blogged a detailed list of our favorite supplies here.

We recently blogged "The Everyday is a Holiday color palette (colors, brands, finishes)" here.


  1. Where is this class taking place? And are you going to have another one?

  2. @AJs Mommy hi! Thanks so much for your interest! We are currently hosting a weekly Art Journaing class right here on the blog! (every Thursday):) We'd love to see your journal pages! xo J&A

  3. Very awesome website Jenny & Aaron! I love it, loVE it, LOVE it!! ♡

  4. I just discovered art journaling yesterday and have been combing the web for ideas and inspiration. I loooove your site and your journaling videos! Thanks for sharing your techniques and for giving such good tips :)

  5. My new creativity for 2014 is art journaling so stumbling on your blog at this time was Lady Luck at work indeed! Going to get stuck into the series right away :)

    1. Oh hooray! So happy you found us! Thanks bunches! Happy Art Journaling! :) xo


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xo Jenny & Aaron

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