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For a very long time now we've been work-from-home artists. We know that everyone can apply the 'grass is always greener' idea to their lives in one way or another...but besides being a tad bit isolated...working from home is a really good gig. We're both born New Jerseyans and currently live on the Jersey Shore with our two chihuahuas Carlos & Jack. Most of our time is spent in our home studio, until the aforementioned chihuahuas mosey in to tell us to start cooking dinner. Then we belly up to the kitchen counter and the cutting board for a while, eat, blog, social media...and then head back into the home studio for an evening creative session.
At present, our home is most certainly a work in progress. We moved in and had lots of plans for making over rooms and reorganizing...then, not too many months later Hurricane Sandy hit us and flipped all of those plans on their heads for while. You can read our personal Hurricane story here

So now it's not just redecorating that has to be done...it's also lots of tearing out, gutting, and starting from scratch. Slowly but surely we are picking up the pieces and room by room we'll eventually get this place looking like the casa de Holiday we've got in our mind's eye.  

And of course we will be blogging all about it...the decor, the DIYS, and everyday adventures in achieving some domestic bliss! 

Above is a tiny glimpse at our living room as it was just days before Hurricane Sandy. We shot the pics for a little story on Benjamin Moore's Color Chats blog. We are currently hard at work restoring and improving it! 

When we first moved into our home we staked out a temporary bedroom on the ground floor, while we worked on the upstairs of the house. It turns out that this temporary bedroom was one of the rooms hit worst by Hurricane Sandy. The house oddly dips in the center and this is where the flood water pooled. Our closet and everything in it was underwater...the newly installed carpet, wrecked. Above is a tiny glimpse of our miniature aqua nest...which we promptly vacated after the flood.

So you could definitely apply that whole silver lined cloud thing to at least one aspect of our living situation. The storm got us out of our tiny temporary bedroom and up into our  New bedroom upstairs. We went with a fresh color palette and a vibe focused on relaxation. We're currently still adding to it and we'll be blogging a full tour soon! 

And after a complete overhaul, the tiny temp bedroom became our brand new studio! For a tour of our little studio click here

 The latest renovation projects are our two bathrooms. One is completely gutted...and the other is now the jewel of the house...our little tribute to our love for the Jersey Shore. If you'd like to see more of our Salt Water Taffy Striped bathroom click here!

If you're like us, and enjoy a good makeover story be sure to check back often. We've got many rooms left to conquer, and they'll all show up here sooner or later!

Thanks for visiting!
xo Jenny & Aaron

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