As Artists who work from home it just makes sense for us to cook and bake as much as we can. It keeps us close to our studio, (within 10 feet to be exact) and getting creative in the kitchen couldn’t be more of a timeout from our daily work. We try to make foods that we feel good about eating. After many many years working together we’ve got a pretty good read on each other’s moods and know first hand how they’re affected by what we eat. And mood is everything when it comes to our creative output.
We’re not expert chefs or nutritionists. We just like good foods that taste amazing, and we couldn’t possibly keep these recipes to ourselves!
So here are some of our favorites…some of our reader favorites…and some of our most pinned recipes!

We hope that you’ll try them, and if you do we’d love to hear what you think!
xo Jenny & Aaron

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