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Super easy, and crazy delish vegan pesto chik'n sandwiches

One of our all time favorite things to whip up is pesto.  If you have some basil, some nuts or seeds, nutritional yeast or parmesan cheese you are well on your way to making a reeeeally tasty lunch or dinner! Since life was turned upside down by Covid-19 and we all started staying in, we've been planning our meals way ahead of time. Like in two week increments. We've been having our groceries delivered by PeaPod & Instacart, and we seriously feel like these shoppers and drivers are heroes. We make sure to tip really well and we leave big notes of thanks on our front door. We read about people tip baiting shoppers and after the groceries were delivered they would change the tip to something way less or nothing at all. Can you even? Like what even are you? Especially in these times. ugh. We try to make up for those monsters. We also use the chat option in instacart and do our best to explain items to them or steer them to where we think they may be in the store.

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