The O.G. Flea

So even though we were steeped in creative projects and work we really wanted to a collector and lover of would be sacrilege to miss the Ocean Grove Flea Market. It's within walking distance...for more adventurous people than myself...and those who don't plan on filling their cars with treasures! me and Aar drove. Usually this flea market is synonymous with steaming hot weather and brutal sun, but this year it was 75 and partly cloudy...a beauty of a day!
Here's the thing with the OG Flea...Ocean Grove is a teeny tiny town...and this flea market draws thousands...soooo PARKING is usually a nightmare. But this time me and Aar were cruising close to the Flea so that we could meet up with my sister Missy, who rode her bike there, so that we could load her finds into our car. Well, we just so happened to luck into a parking spot within a block of the flea market. Our best parking spot in more than a dozen years...and probably the best weather yet.

While there, we saw some friends and family...including Aaron's brother James and our nephew Adam (as seen above with Missy)...the little guy was hilarious...he kept telling his dad "make sure you remember where the toy stands are!"

We got our usual super delicious, fruit infused iced tea...we got some Mozzarepas (two sweet and buttery corn cakes with mozzarella cheese inside, and then's sweet & savory at the same time...amazing!)

As always, I fell in love with very large pieces of furniture or entirely too pricey dolls and such. I did walk away with a handful of happy finds aka cheap finds. ;) I'll show you those things tomorrow. I had far too many photos already!

And speaking of's Day 4 of the 30 day photo challenge. Today's assignment was "something green". I immediately thought of the old Carousel Building in Asbury Park...which is literally a stone's throw from Ocean Grove. So we parked in Asbury and walked down to the boardwalk. Below is a shot of the beach view from the boardwalk and the old Casino buliding that connects OG and Asbury.

Then we strolled along the water that separates OG and Asbury and I got some pics of the view across at the OG pastel colored well as a shot of the adorable Swan peddle boats.
And if you scroll to the bottom of this post you can see my shot of "something green"...the Carousel Building.

I love the weathered patina. And I'm loving the photo challenge. So far it's gotten me out to see things in my area...and to see them differently.

Today was great day...finished with pizza and gelato in Asbury...which was full of street music and tons of out of towners for Pride Week.

Ok, back real soon! xoxo, Jenny


  1. Loved ths Ice Cream Sign...looked at the baby photo and thought..hmmmmmmm.....coveted the blue-green cabinet!!!! Bought stuff from the guy in picture number 5!! lol!!! It was a perfect day wasn't it!!!!! We are sorry we missed you!!!! We were there at 5:30 and out by around 8:30! Found lots and lots of treasures...can't wait to see what you picked up!!! xoxoxoxoxo

  2. You got some fantastic shots of the flea and I especially love the carousel building!! It amazes me that we were in the same place at different times of the day and actually took pictures of some of the same things. Pretty minds think alike! Read my blog post.

  3. As a brand spankin new, New Jersey resident, your photos make me excited to start investigating all the quaint little shore towns!

    Can't wait to see your flea market finds!


  4. hi guysss!!
    ur pics look super exciting :D I love them that's exactly where we took our wedding pics...will show them to you as soon as I get them ;)
    i so wanted to go to the flea market and get a frame for the beautiful picture your gave us on our wedding...but was busy with work and baking :(
    for sure next year!!! looked like so much fun xoxo


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