Cyber Monday! Super SALE!

Jeez, it's been warm here in Jersey. Just yesterday Aaron was riding his bike down the Asbury Park Boardwalk and everyone he saw was dressed in t-shirts, shorts, was a bit incongruous with the Christmas songs being piped out of every store front. But I'm not complaining...I'll take temps in the high 60's anytime! I'm just wondering, with this beautiful weather...will anyone be home to take advantage of our fantastic Cyber Monday Sale? Ah, what am I guys can all shop from your tablets...or your iphones...right?
So, like I was saying...and as you can see above...We are having a BIG sale! Every single thing is on sale...30% off your entire order. Shop a little or shop a lot. It's the big ticket items where the savings is the our big menu board...if you've been waiting to get yourself a room-maker like is the'll get a huge chunk of change off.
The sale starts tonight at midnight, New Jersey you west coasters can get a jump on things if you like. And we'll be extending the sale 'til it's actually a Cyber Week Sale!
Me and Aaron had a great Thanksgiving. It's so awesome to spend time with family...and eating pie ain't half bad either! And afterward, we were thrilled at the great turnout for our Black Friday Sale. Thanks so much to all of you who picked something up! I've included some pics here of some of our favorites. Despite that lovely weather outside we've been making sure to stay indoors and play the role of perfect Christmas elves. We've been working round the clock to have a bunch of stuff in stock. And I really want to say how much me and Aar truly appreciate you supporters of the arts. Whether you pick something up from us...or from one of our many amazing artist friends out just totally rule for choosing handmade gifts straight from the hands of artisans. I'll take a handmade gift over anything, any time. I've been seeing so much fab artwork out there...I'm a HUGE fan of so many wonderful folks...and it pleases me so much to see them flourish around the Holidays! So...on my behalf and theirs...Thank You So Much to all of you fabulous collectors!!
Ok, that's it for now...get out there and get shopping...go Handmade for the Holidays! And take advantage of some awesome sales!
xoxo, Jenny


  1. Wow your artwork is amazing!



  2. I love your taste and style! So cute. The world needs a little more cutesy vintage & pastels!


  3. I would love to purchase some of your prints if they are still available. Thank you, Ginny
    You can reach me at my email address.


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