SpookyTime Jingles update!

Me and Aar were just having a conversation about how much we love being a part of SpookyTime Jingles. We live with Holiday stuff year round at home so it just couldn't be a better fit for us. Having to create original Christmas & Halloween pieces each month is such a gift. Sometimes as an artist you need to be required or obligated to make new art...deadlines are the ultimate motivator. And for this month we get to throw in some Valentines if we want.
Besides our love for the all the pink imagery of Valentines Day it's just one of our absolute favorite days. A day we reserve for us. We gave up the restaurant scene years ago due to the crowds and started cooking and baking our fave stuff at home.

We're especially excited about these three new character cupcakes...Lovey, Snowy, and Spooky. On petite but chunky canvases...all glittery and happy. And really, to be honest...I'm pretty sure these guys wouldn't exist without Spooky Time Jingles. Well they'd exist in our heads and they'd be simmering on that overcrowded back burner for ages. But now, here they are...all set to debut at midnight...the instant it becomes the 13th of the month.

So check out SpookyTime Jingles at midnight tonight and do not leave without seeing all of the other artists stuff. Every single one is a dazzler and we're honored to sit side by side with them. Ok, back to work...work-work, moving-work, organizing-work, cleaning-work...round and round it goes...where it stops nobody knows.
xoxo, Jenny


  1. I really like these guys! SO fun! I love holidays all the time and was thinking I tend to leave one ornament from each holiday out every year! They just fit! These are keepers!
    Hugs, Lisa

  2. how stinkin adorable are these??? luv them...luv you guys! Grace xoox

  3. Character cupcakes? How original! Oh, but stop, you're making me hungry! Love 'em!


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