A girl can dream...

Like I said a million times...the kitchen is the heart and soul of a home. And I promise that you'll get re-acquainted with that idea if you ever move into a new place. Me and Aaron just moved and it was just so utterly essential to get the kitchen in living/working order before even getting all of our boxes over to the new place. We've already had all of our bigger discussions around the table, celebrated a birthday, ate a holiday meal...and now we're trying our best to stock the cupboards with our New Year's resolution diet foods.

Today I took some pics in the new kitchen...just a couple sneak peeks of our new Jumbo solid wood cutouts of sweets. They're on half inch thick wood, super sturdy, heirloom quality... And they are BIG. Great pieces of home decor. Pictured here is our chocolate cupcake and our three layer cake. But these are the mere tippy tops of the iceberg. We've got dozens in progress...including a slice of cake, a large Charlotte doll head, tray of cupcakes, ice cream cone, chocolate bunny, pink paper mache rabbit, and a couple versions of vintage stand mixers...including a fantastic RED one...which peeps have been requesting left and right. The mixers are so fabulous...very big statement pieces for the home...or business for that matter. These will be available very soon. And what we're really thrilled about is that our carpenter is my little brother Walt. He's been working away at making his workshop a visually awesome space...he really had in his mind that his shop would be for tinkering mostly with engines and various greasy objects...but we instantly invaded his space with saws and the requisite sawdust. He's more than thrilled to be our woodcutting machine...but he's gonna need a new shop-vac for all the dust.

We hope to have most of the collection photographed and listed in the shop this weekend! So stay tuned! And for up to the minute news and SALES like us on facebook! :)

Ok, well being that I'm in a kitchen state of mind...and vintage/retro is the only way I go...I wanted to feature some amazing "new vintage" appliances from SMEG! For many years I've had tear sheets of these beauties pinned to my cork board. The colors are so dreamy and creamy...the streamlined/chunky designs are right out of my fantasy sketchbooks. I'm so in love with British kitchens...and that's where I spied SMEG fridges and stoves most often. Buying all those import magazines used to be so expensive but Pinterest certainly solved that financial obstacle. You can get these kitchen cuties on-line here. It's a super fab source for all your SMEG needs. Customer reviews for all of these pieces are stellar. My dream kitchen will certainly come to fruition one day...and there will be SMEG appliances for sure. I love the chunky hinged door handle especially. Heck, for years I've been wanting one of their refrigerators for our bedroom! We wouldn't plug it in...just use it as a dresser for sweaters and other warm clothes. A girl can dream...can't she?

Alright, just thought I'd check in from my corner of the kitchen. I'll be back really soon with more pics and links for shop listings of our brand new solid wood cutouts.
xoxo, JennyLink

Scroll down for more SMEG eye candy!!



  1. Hi Jenny! Those pink fridges are too cute!! And your new big wood pieces are so fun!! Can't wait to see more of them!
    Michelle xoxo

  2. That huge cupcake is sooo cute! Love it! Great idea, too! Maybe your brother can expand to cutting classic car shapes for his work space, too. I know my dad would dig something like that. Never heard of the fridges but I can totally see the kitchy pink one in your place.

  3. love those fridges!! I wish I was rich!! Id buy us both one!
    have a great weekend!
    oh! love the wonderful cut outs too!

  4. Love how those wooden cupcakes pop right out at you! Yummy eye candy!

  5. eeek Love your new stuff. Congrats on your new place hope you get settled soon. There is a store on 18th Street in NYC that has these appliances. I drool everytime I walk by! Grace xoox

  6. Hi Jenny!
    Thank you so much for the sweet comment! (I'm counting the tickets, that's when I saw it :)

    You have such a cute blog! Love it! :)

    And Smeg.. ah, I love my Smeg!

    Happy weekend!

  7. My daughter would go gaga for that pink fridge. I so wish I could redo my kitchen, but it's not in the plans for this year.
    Your kitchen looks great! I love the new cake and cupcake wall art. In fact, it's making me hungry. Now I must go eat cake!

  8. the pink kitchen has got to be my favorite. the refrigerator colors are so lovely in the frosty hues


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