Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook!

I am just so so excited to share this with you guys!! First, do you know of Back in the Day Bakery?! In Savannah Georgia? Oh my gosh, well if you answered sooo need to! Even though I have yet to hang out with Cheryl Day in "real life" we have have been online pals for a few years now! We met through our love of old fashioned super cute cupcakes and cakes and bakery and birthday decor! Cheryl started as a customer of ou
rs and when me and Aaron got to see exactly where we were shipping our artwork to we just about died. Back in the Day Bakery is as easy on the eyes as it is on your sweet tooth. Cheryl and Griff are just as adorbs as the things they collect! Seriously! Take a look at that book cover! don't you want to jump into that pic and give them both hugs and dance around and steal a finger of frosting? I honeslty could gush all day about these two cuties!

The other day Cheryl and Griff were on QVC...yes! That QVC! And within minutes their book sold out! I don't even recall seeing one page of the book...just David and random producers that wandered onto the set...unable to resist the sweetness... sampling and moaning over each of the sweets on the table... I was sitting here on the couch (waiting for it to
come on allll day) crying my eyes out for Cheryl and Griff! Like so so proud and just in love with all that they are and do! And the cutest thing ever was when Griff came on screen to hug Cheryl once they were told it was sold out! I swear Cheryl and her sweets sold themselves! There was little or no sales pitch! And Cheryl and Griff crying...seriously? It was such a sweet moment! So not your typical QVC day! Hoooray for them!

Anyways...oh my gosh... I haven't even gotten to the most exciting part... Cheryl and Griff source us in the book!! We're listed as pretty much a way to get their look! They have lots of our art all over the bakery. Including our big menu board, original hand painted Keep Calm And Have A Cupcake, Ballerina cupcakes, and lots more. We are just so so honored to be a part of their world , and to have such kindred spirits as a part of ours!

We plan on getting down to Savannah this Spring, and I know it will feel like long lost family! Cannot wait!

You must check out this darrrrling video of Cheryl & makes me smile so big!

Okie Doke...just had to share with you!!
The Book is out now!! It features over 100 of their famous tried and true old fashioned recipes! And the photos alone will make you swoon!

Like them on facebook too! Tell em' Jenny & Aaron sentcha!

Back soon!
xo Jenny


  1. How can you not smile reading this and watching that clip?! Now I want to go to Savannah, and those roses look EXACTLY like the ones my grandmother use to make!

  2. They are sooo adorable. I loved the pics, video and want the cookbook! ♥

  3. That is so neat! And really funny too because I just saw that book at the store the other day and the cover made me think of you! It all makes sense. ;P

  4. they are adorable! now I need a cupcake.. or cake.. or one of your cookies.. (yeah right, who am I kidding. like I would eat just one! ha!)
    I need a vacation... to a bakery! lol
    have a great weekend

  5. such a lovely blog you have here. You do have a a skill in picking out interesting things also i love the images you use


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