Let's all go to the lobby...

Hey Kids!
Happy Saturday!
I just had to share this adooorbs photo with you! Spied over on Jesse's blog...it immediatley had me grinning ear to ear! As soon as I saw it, my mind went right to those old timey drive-in movie intermission shorts...you know the dancing snacks?! I can totally hear the lil jingle in my head! "Let's all go to the Lobby, Let's all go to the Lobby..."

Aaron and I are working on a few different projects today. Some sanding, priming, painting, cutting, gluing...you know...the usual. :)

What are you guys up to?

I'll be back tomorrow to share one of our finished projects. For now...back to painting!
xo Jenny


  1. My first thought was Dr. Seuss with the shape and odd positioning of the bushes. I love it! So cute.

  2. LOL, I can see it. It reminds me of the Dr Suess yard :)

  3. Aww - love those adorable retro commercials, and those bushes are so neat (they almost have a cartoon feel to them!). It sounds like you worked on some good projects and had a productive day. I was feeling lazy and relaxed with my pup all day and cooked a yummy dindin! Sometimes you need a lazy day. :)


  4. Those hedges totally look like big naturey green corn dogs! Or what I think a corndog looks like anyway, having never eaten one or seen one in real life hehehe.

  5. I was thinking corn dogs and pop cycles and candy...hahaha love it thought...such whimsy!


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