Friday Favorites!

Happy Happy Friday kids!
I totally have no idea where this week went! It's sort of a blur. And this certainly has everything to do with Mom Mom passing away. It's never ever something that you can be prepared for. You have to go about your business because thats the way life is...but you're not exactly all there. It's more like a cruise control version of yourself. It's totally a cliche to say "I have no idea where this week went!"...but is Friday and I simply do not know how.
 So let us just try to cast aside disbelief and embrace the day. In my blogosphere Friday means Favorites. And this particular Friday is pretty darn close to having my Favorite weather. It's perfect hammock temp and it's alternating between sunny and slightly cloudy. I've got the windows open and I'm breathing in the fresh air as if it's on the final clearance rack. Last week we had some unseasonably hot days and nights and it made sleeping almost impossible. But today's definitely makes my Friday Favorites list. Let's hope it's a trend that sticks!  

Ok, so let me share the actual Faves with you! I am loooving them all!!

First up is this so so cute aqua stripey vintage style suitcase...that is in fact a bean bag chair! AHH!! I know! right!? Like tooo cute!! Don't you want it? I so so so want one in my living room! Gosh! I was grinning ear to ear when I came across the the Woouf site! Based in Barcelona, they create the most playful and quirky beanbag furniture! I am loving so many of their pieces!

Including this Marshall style amp! How cool is this? Imagine a stack of them in the tv room? Or many stacks...a whole wall of bean bag amps...a la Spinal Tap!

Next up, this adooorbs mug featuring all of my favorite British sweets, including a Battenburg! I would love waking up to this!

Ohhh goodness...I want to wear this like a necklace! Daily! A Diana mini in gold! It's just so darn cute! The idea of wearing it all day, like a tourist from a 1980's movie...except I won't look like a dweeb. I'll be channelling my fashion muses...Betsey Johnson & Mr. T ...and snapping pics in style!

These are what dreams are made of! A pair of 60's peppermint candy velvet circular chairs. With pink painted tapered wood legs and brass feet. I think my face would be in a constant grin if these flanked my mantel. This era of furniture design hits my sweet spot, and especially with summer approaching. There's a hotel down on the beach in Wildwood, New's called The Caribbean. I always say it's my Happyplace. When I think of being there a calm washes over me.  It's totally outfitted in 1950 thru 60's throwback style. These would fit in perfectly in the Women's Lounge area.

And how about this! Can you even? It is so so me! It would allow me to take my home aesthetic out on the go. (see my previous post featuring mini pianos!) I rarely use a wallet...but this would totally be a game changer! Darling!


I realized after I started gathering my faves for this week that three of them had been from ModCloth! how much do they just plain ol' rule over there?! They've got my number...and hopefully yours! Hope you enjoyed!

Happy Weekend!
xo Jenny


  1. So sorry to hear about your loss hun! I know it's really hard to lose someone close to you. I lost my grandma about a year and a half ago. It was unexpected and pretty hard. Anyway, my prayers are with you both.

    Love your friday faves, all so retro style. I think that camera takes the cake though. How cute is that?!


  2. LOVE all these faves Jenny!!! Just fab!


  3. Aw darn, I used to have a purse very similar to that piano wallet but I sold it at a yard sale last year (never even used it), I totally would rather have sent it your way!

  4. @Aubree Thank you so very much for your sweet words. They mean so much. Grandmas are such special people. So sorry for your loss as well.

    Thanks so much for visiting! :) Happy Weekend!

  5. @Lulu Thanks bunches! Glad you like them!! So hard to pick a fave! Those chairs!! That camera!!! That suitcase beanbag!! All are so so fun! :)

    Thanks for popping in!! Happy Weekend!!

  6. @Ms Dee....aww thanks for thinking of me! :) I'm sure it is living a happy life right now! :)

    Happy Friday to you guys!!


  7. Thanks for sharing! I would flip to have those pink chairs!

  8. Ohh Holly!!! I could toootally see those chairs in your studio!! :)

    Thanks for popping in!! Happy Weekend!!! xo

  9. I found your blog and I have to say...I love your hair!!!

  10. I really like that Diana Mini, too! I also like the teal color one.

  11. you have the cutest taste! i'm your newest follower.


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