Odd & Abandoned Part II

Hey kids! I'm back with more of the most weird and wonderful images culled from the wacky world around us. This time around I'd say they're more Odd than abandoned. 

Beginning with this dream-like riverboat in the shape of a swan...or maybe it's a swan in the shape of a riverboat. Is this not incredible?! Imagine a wedding aboard this magical vessel! And really...as if a massive swan boat wasn't fantastical enough...they've gone and crowned him King of the river! I Love the crown! I meant it literally when I said it's dream-like. I'd swear that I've taken a ride upon this beauty in a recent nocturnal journey. 
In real life it floats along a river in Fujiyoshida Japan.

This is the "Gingerbread Castle" in Hamburg, New Jersey...no not Germany...New Jersey! After operating as a children's fairy tale theme park for nearly 50 years, Gingerbread Castle finally closed in the late 1970s. It reopened for a few years as a haunted Halloween venue before a fire closed it permanently in 1993. It's a thrill to know that there are still some mysterious stones I've yet to overturn here in my home state. I would LOVE to go see it! Maybe this summer!

This image seriously seemed far too crazy to be real. It had to be photoshopped right? Nope! It is indeed real. An art installation by artist Doris Salcedo. Created in 2003 in Instanbul, comprised of over 1600 chairs! Amazing!

Ok, so you guys know all about my love of pianos so it comes as no surprise that these painted steps (found in Valparaiso Chile ) pretty much make my heart all fluttery! And umm...there is pink and aqua in the mix!! To say that I LOVE them is an understatment! To learn more click the source link.

This incredible structure resembles something straight out of The Lord of The Rings. It is the La Montana Magica Lodge in Huilo Huilo Chile! The lodge has 13 rooms equipped with central heating, closet, and bathroom. As well as game rooms for children, mini golf, reading room, bar, restaurant, laundry service, and sauna! 

And lastly, this has been one of my absolute favorite Internet images for a long time. It seriously had me grinning ear to ear the day I first found it. It was labeled as a "Redneck Mansion", which of course prompts a chuckle. In actuality it is an outdoor theater set. I've never been a by the book kinda gal. I mean, there's a part of me that craves the traditional beautiful old house with the white picket fence...but then I see something like this and say "imagine that?...living in a stacked up jungle gym mini village of trailers?!"...and I'd probably jump at the chance. This just has an ineffable charm.

Ok, that's it for now. There are plenty more where those came from. I'll be back soon with part 3!
xo, Jenny


  1. Oh my goodness! So glad you guys liked this post...I'm so bummed ....I accidentally deleted comments instead of clicking publish... :( womp womp.

    First time doing that...I think I needed more sleep last night... :/

    Thanks for popping in!!
    Happy Saturday!
    xo Jenny

  2. Oh my!! I'm blown away by each one, but especially those chairs. Unreal!! Love the piano stairs too.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Much love,

  3. OMG, I want that swan boat!!! I adore swans!


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