Some itty bitty glimpses of our new home

Hey dolls!
April is off to a productive and cheerful start for Aaron and I. Aside from filling orders, and planning some new designs, we took some time to start chipping away at the livingroom. In our last apt. the walls had lots of texture...plaster from the 40s or 50s. So Aaron and I went with an antique-y, parchment-y type of wall treatment aka color wash/glaze. (photo above) I liked it a bunch. It was bright, yet added instant age to the room and it's furnishings. Being that the new house is larger and more of an open floorplan we decided to go with bright, bold, pattern, and color...yet keeping with our trademark color palette of vintagey aquas, pinks, creams, tan, mocha, and black...with hints of gold and and pastel metallics.

We started with a little nook under a window just as you enter from the kitchen. It is a tiny little area just big enough for an oversized chair and a small table and lamp. We thought it would be fun to do a solid aqua accent wall. We loved it! ...and before you knew it we were measuring and penciling, and mixing up a perfect pink to add stripes to start the adjoining wall!

Here is that same little nook, but on the opposite side of the window, and on this side it leads into yet another fun wall. The living room is kinda spacious, so we thought a great look would be to go with a different pattern or color for each individual wall, with a common thread tying them all together. I mentioned a few posts back that we were working on a vintage wallpaper inspired project...well here it's still in progress. We took a favorite vintage wallpaper pattern from the late 40s early 50s and pretty much blew it up to almost cartoon like proportions! We painted the background a light tan....tea with cream. :) Aaron drew up a template/tracing for each of the patterns in the repeat and we traced them on one by one. As soon as we finish up I'll be blogging a tutorial! :)

Some happy lil bits...

Vintage cameras are a favorite around here...these are just a couple in our wide ranging collection. Along with vintage plush bunnies, old doll heads, and toy pianos....etc :)

I hope you guys like this itty bitty peek into our new home. I promise some more peeks soon...and a full home tour one day soon. :)

Enjoy your week!
xo Jenny


  1. My gosh, you guys live in a fairytale! It's stunning!
    toni xo

  2. I know it's your "Home Sweet Home" but now it has that great Jenny / Aaron spin on it!

  3. I always love home snippets...keep them coming. Your house always is so interesting to see...and love the blown up wallpaper design!

  4. I love it! It looks so fresh and happy and just so pretty. I wouldn't have the patience to stencil all that on the walls, but it turned out beautifully!

  5. Oh, it is gorgeous! And so you! Just dreamy....

  6. Thank you so so much guys!! :) So lovely of you!
    We have so many things on our to do list, just not enough hours in the know how that goes. :/

    Chipping away...(mostly on weekends) makes us happy. Little by little it is feeling more like "ours".

    Thanks for popping in...I always adore your comments!! Really makes my day!


  7. Oh my, it's so cute! I love the colors of your walls and all of the little details! <3

  8. It looks so so lovely! The color schemes you chose are so gorgeous! Love the stencils too!

  9. Your house is adorable, I love the way you put things together! I have been working on cleaning and getting rid of junk that has accumulated in my apartment so I can actually decorate it after having lived here for liek 4 years..

  10. Thanks so so much Mandy & Jenna! :) Thanks so much for visiting and for your lovely words! :) xo

  11. aww @Kelsi...start small! Pick an area...and start with one happy vignette! That is seriously what we do/did. We still have boxes to unpack...but I knew for my sanity and to remain creative I needed some organized eye candy! We have tons of "junk" to go through as well! Start with one spot..even a table top! :)

    Thanks so much for your sweet sweet words!!

  12. @Cindy Junque Art...LOVE you!!! Thanks so much for popping in!! Happy Spring! xo

  13. WOW you are fantastic! seriously in love with your blog hun xx

    -Boho Vanity-

  14. So Dreamy & Very Charming
    Hope You Stop By & Follow me 2

  15. just found your blog and i love it girlie!
    happy to be your newest follower <333
    say hi back sometime?

  16. Thanks for the tour up of your very nice an lovely home. So nice to have. :)

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  17. Jenny, it's been so long since I visited! I saw these little thumbnails on Flickr, and had to stop over to see them larger. So, so cute! Your walls are amazing-every single one! I wish my husband would be on board to go all out like that! I have that same vintage wallpaper (the real smaller version), so I recognized it immediately!

    (if you haven't seen it, stop over to my blog or flickr to see my daughter's room makeover- I think you'd love it!!)

  18. Wow, your home is like a dream…'s ridiculous how much I LOVE your house. And this is gonna sound SO weird, but I just now realized why your name "Jenny Holiday" sounds SO familiar. Back when I used flickr ALL the time, I used to look at your albums! I have a million of your pictures favorited! No joke, I just went back and found them all :P Too weird! I was Othersescape on Flickr :P :P

  19. I love your sneak peek and I want to see more! Can I move in? :)

  20. Very nice pictures!

  21. your decorating is fabulous i love it!!
    I hate my decor in my living room and have been thinking of ideas with pastel colours in mind.I love how you incorporated stencil art work and those fab candy stripes and quirky accesories.
    Just gorgeous!! :) xx

  22. Your home is absolutely adorable! I love how vibrant and sweet it looks :)

  23. I say this with a slight seriousness....WILL YOU COME DECORATE MYH HOUSE!!? haha seriously your house and decorations are adorable!! You have quite the talent! :) of course Im now following you!!

    p.s I love the title of your blog...very catchy :) xoxo

  24. i'm a little obsessed with your house! i love the colors and the feel to it! and if i had enough patience, i would for sure do that wallpaper stencil! beautiful pictures!

  25. Goodness are reeeeeally to too sweet!! you really made me smile!! Moving into my childhood home has so many mixed emotions, you know? Having my parents here to visit this past weekend really stirred up so much. Aaron and I are really excited about giving this place a whole new life :) Thanks for the encouragement!!

    Love you!!!
    xo jenny

  26. I think I recognize that baby head, the one I got you at the Santee Swap Meet about 4 or 5 years ago. She looks familiar.

  27. good stuff J&A.
    love the wallpaper concept.
    will stay tuned for more.

  28. Love the glimpses. I've been waiting ever so patiently.
    And the wallpaper project is very cool. I think i have a snippet of paper with a minty background that has a similar feel.
    More, more, more.......:))


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