Friday Favorites!

Hello hello friends! Gosh, first...Thank you guys SO much for the super sweet messages on our anniversary post! You guys made us smile and cry! :)  Love you guys to bits! 

This week zoomed that the norm now? I swear I blink and two days have gone by. We've been really busy working on some fun custom orders and other projects, which I'll share soon. : )

For me, colors come with their own temperature, scents, and sounds. Today the windows are open wide, the breeze is cool and warm at the same time, the leaves on the trees are whispering in the late afternoon sun, a distant ice cream truck sings along with the birds. All of this inspires my Friday Favorites this week...or maybe it's the other way around? Did the thoughts of these lovely things conjure up a worthy atmosphere?

First up is this dreamy dreamy print above. I could stare at it all day. Cherry blossom trees are a favorite of mine.  When I was little I of course had a list of all the things that must be present in the future home of my dreams. You bet there was a cherry blossom tree in the front yard. 

Do I need to say anything?  The colors! The sweet & chubby bows!...the little bunny charm! I just melted when I saw these! Seriously some of the cutest flats ever ever ever! They are by Le Bunny Bleu. And the cuteness doesn't stop here...see for yourself!

This candy striped rug is just neeeeeded....know what I mean? Like how don't I have a closet full of them? I should really just have one in every room of my & white stripes work almost as a  neutral for me.

Strawberry pineapple coconut smoothies. Do these not look and sound like heaven on a sunny day? Oh my gosh...

Growing up we'd come to visit my Nana (who lived in NYC most of the year) at her summer house here on the NJ Shore. The weekends spent with all the windows open. All of us set up on our respective vintage beds and cots. Being that it was just a summer cottage there was a sleeping porch, and that combined with the proper bedrooms could accomodate all of us including my aunt and uncle and cousins. Fresh sheets that were laundered last summer but packed away brought out for us...always these dreamy faded florals. They lasted years and years since they were only used in summertime. These Lily Pulitzer beauties remind of those. They really are just so calming to me...I find myself taking really deep breaths when I look at them. (again, from those wide open windows) I'd love to get these for our bedroom once we move upstairs and start decorating. I feel a change in our decor happening.

This is just plain ol' awesome! Right? A crack up, yet a totally warranted dose of self love. I really love it! Also fantastic to have a few on hand as lil gifties for friends in need of a little pick me up...

Ok, those are my "fair weather" Friday Favorites. May they conjure a similar breeze through your trees.
xo, Jenny


  1. I am totally in love with those shoes..ADORABLE:)
    Sara xx

  2. I love the shoes. I am going to be ordering the pink pair and mint.

  3. great stuff!i love cherry blossoms too-and those shoes are super cute!!

  4. WOW love the shoes they're SOoo pretty

    kiss from Barcelona

  5. Oh, those shoes. I'm speechless!

  6. @ S.Lennyn82 I know I know...they are some of the cutest I've seen!! The bunny button just takes them over the edge for me!! AHHH! :) xo

  7. @ ChannelHMC oooohhh take pics when you get them!! :) xo

    @andrea creates I'm happy to share!! I know...I want to be wearing those shows as I hang that print over my bed! :)


  8. @ letiziabarcelona If I won the lottery I'd buy us all a pair of these shoes! :) xo

  9. @ Lucy Nation ..yes yes....totally the happiest lil shoezies!! Need them!! In all 3 colors!! :)


  10. those shoes are so cute!!! thanks for sharing!


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