Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Wow what a week! It was go go go since Monday! And we really don't have plans to slow it down this weekend. Aaron and I were just so so blown away by the amazing response to the debut of The Beach Bungalow collection! Thank you all so so much! I knew we struck a chord in everyone as soon as I posted a sneak peek over on facebook. I was flooded with comments and project ideas and requests for wallpaper & fabric featuring our patterns. 
Thanks so much for all the excitement! We can't wait to see these patterns as backdrops to your special projects, scrapbook layouts, art journal pages, etc...please be sure to share some pics! 

Going into the weekend we are working on a reeeeally fun project using the collection. There was some prep work that required us to be outdoors for a little while. It was an amazingly sunny & pleasant day working out on the deck. The project will be a tutorial for you guys, so we're making sure to focus on the step by step details. Can't wait to share it! Maybe Monday!

But for now, It's Friday Favorites time!

Umm...the above cute as can be dress! How sweet are those stripes? It's called the Cotton Candy Stand dress! Rightly so! Makes me want to throw a big big party and have a bunch of gorgeous gals serving up sweets in these! 

I'm loving the happy, fun, simplicity of this color blocked coaster tutorial! Totally making some for deck parties!

As soon as I layed my eyes on this amazing lil thing I went a little dizzy! I have NEVER seen this make/model/color before! I immediately went over to ebay to see if I could find my very own! And guess what...I found it! It was missing some parts, like the reflector & bulb...but the turquoise base alone is plenty! I came across the same model in black and in the original box too! Not that I have any money to throw around at the moment...but it's always fun to look! One day I will own this beauty...this I vow! :)

Sugar Cookie Squares...need I say another word? Look at them! Yes...yes...and yes!

After opening all of those boxes of favorite things on Monday, I found myself with very little space to display them. I did make a huge dent in the sorting and organizing...but still have mounds of candy colored vintage cuteness to take care of. I think this combination would be perfect along the back wall of the livingroom! All of my favorite happy things in one spot! I can already see myself laying on the couch staring up at the teeming shelves...sketch book in hand...doodling ideas for paintings etc... I think this cabinet & shelf combo would be a perfect fit!

Okie Doke,
What do you guys have planned for the evening, the weekend, and beyond? Going out? Staying in? Whatever it is, have fun!
xo Jenny


  1. if that dress was not $90...i would buy it right this second!

  2. Hey Jenny! Oh, how I adore that pink striped sundress!!! And the aqua vintage camera is so fabulous!!! The cookies look so yummy! Love the Ikea shelves. Would love some like that someday! They will be perfect for your adorable vintage treasures!!
    Michelle xoxo

  3. Love those coasters! I'll be cleaning all weekend, boo! :(


  4. @Jenni Austria Germany I totally hear ya! If it was sayyy..hmmmm like 49.00 even! It's so so cute!

    Happy Friday!! xo

  5. @rose garden romantic Hi Michelle!! Thanks for popping in!! As always...I know we'd be great shopping buddies!! :)

    Have a GREAT weekend!! xo

  6. this blog is like a sweet bite of one of those square sugar cookies...

    how delicious you are!

  7. I am in LOVE with these!! That camera?!?!?!? *sigh* pure bliss!!!!!!

  8. That cabinet is amazing!! I would love something like that to put in the dining room area to give it a more designated "dining" space apart from the living room. Town home living is tight.

    I did absolutely nothing this evening. Shopped all day with my mom because my bday is tomorrow then just wrote a post for tomorrow to share my birthday finds instead of my Friday Finds :)

    Man...I wish I was near an IKEA!


  9. thanks for your sweet comment, love! your blog is adorable. love the colors & vibe. so fun! xxoo kellychristine

  10. i love that cabinet i need one for all my cake stands and cupcake knick nacks lol
    i'm going to laduree in the city this weekend for last treat of french macarons before i diet lol

  11. Aaw that pink dress is adorable!


  12. Love the pink dress, and the camera! So pretty, and neat! WIshing you a lovely weekend! xo Heather


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