Sponsor Everyday is a Holiday in July

Hello Hello!
It's that time again... Are you a blogger, small or big business owner, or artist looking to promote your blog, shop, site, youtube channel, or event? Sponsor Everyday is a Holiday in July! :)

I love nothing more than spreading the word about fab people doing fab work...and I put a whole lot of effort into getting our names out there and driving traffic our way...on blogs, Pinterest, Facebook...I do all I can to stay connected and expand our network of awesome friends! 

Summer is here and try as we might to disconnect from the digital world and laze about in the sun, our ipads are never far from reach as we're lounging by the pool, having picnics in the park, or taking a drive down the shore. No better way to beat the heat, than cranking up the A/C for some blog hopping and shop shopping! So make summertime your sponsor time.

Have a peek at ad options here. If you think we'd be a great match email me at jennyeveryday (at) aol.com. 

Would love to have you! :)
xo Jenny


  1. Woohoo! As soon as I get my project going, I will be on board as one of your sponsors! Yay!


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