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Hi! I'm Kelsea. I blog at Pink Wonderland, a new blog. My goal is to help promote and share some of the incredible independent artists and small businesses I come across. I also post about beauty, food, crafts, fashion, fun things,pretty pictures, and more. If you love colorful hair, cupcakes, plushies, dragons, and/or buying handmade... then come hang out with me in Wonderland!

“Darling Dear” is the result of all my years playing with my toys under the table, not eating my vegetables, and most recently going to art school. It’s a place where all my little adventures are documented, whether that be something new I tried, something I made, or someplace I explored. & “Darling Dear” isn’t just some other blog written and kept by some goofy 20-something kid either — (Well, it *is*… but it’s so much more.) It’s a living, breathing place that’s full of life and laughter & maybe just a tiny bit of glitter.

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Hello! My name is Crystal & I am the owner of a fashion & family blog called, Billie Jean. I also have a small jewelry business on Etsy called, Billie Jean Jewels. The name, Billie Jean, is a combination of my two grandmother’s names, Billie Loree &  Sandra Jean, put together. I have a serious addiction to antique shopping & I am a huge fan of past decades. My grandmothers in any & every way inspire me & are my motivation to be the best woman I can be. I blog about my life in both Louisiana & Texas, my beautiful daughter & my handsome husband. I do also love posting about my home & my ever-growing closet. And with a huge collection of clothes, I can never seem to find anything to wear! One last thing, designer jewelry is a new passion of mine &  I hope that you guys can take the time to check out my shop! Enjoy the 15% off for Everyday is a Holiday readers! 

Hi I'm Carly & I write the blog 'Miss Teacups' where I write about neat stuff I've come across when perusing the internet, my personal style, and what I'm loving lately - it's kind of a mish mash of all my interests! I'd love for you to stop by & say hello :) 

Hi sweet lovelies! I'm Cara from my blog, The Marvelous Flight of Cara! I've been blogging for about three and a half years now and God has been using it in such awesome ways in my life. I've made some unbelievable friends, and have gotten to watch as my tiny corner in this huge internet world has grown! If I had to choose a category to put my blog under it would have to be general lifestyle. The bulk of what I write about tends to be a mash-up of my marriage (I'm newly married as of December 31!), my health (I've been struggling with different health issues for as long as I've been blogging now), fun experiences, and things God is teaching me. It's an interesting world on my blog, and I would love for you to check it out and come say hi! I love making new friends through blogging.

I'm a stylish biker, surfer, avid thrifter and tattoo designer and city birds nest is where I show all the adventures I go on with my husband. I love to sew, am obsessed with flowers and vintage fabric. I run my own shop filled with my original designs and illustrations.

The College Tourist is building a national community by connecting college tourists and their college towns across America through our Million Postcard Project. TheCollegeTourist.com is a fun interactive site which allows college students to post a virtual postcard of the great things about their college towns. We embody the spirit of being a traveller both nationally and globally through uniting student's experiences of their college towns and global studies. In addition, our blog, speaks directly to the smart, savvy and fashionable college students who embrace the adventure of travel, life and fashion.

Here at The Glamorous Housewife I discuss all things pertaining to being an elegant wife, a charming mother, and an enchanting hostess. From cooking the perfect roasted chicken to setting your hair in curlers, I hope to encourage you into living an inspired life; because deep down, we are all glamorous housewives.

Aloha, I live on the Island of Maui Hawaii. I am an avid surfer enjoying my days at the Beach with my family. By Trade I am a Professional Airbrush Painter for Timpone Surfboards Maui.  When the Surf is Small I am in my Studio with my Chihuahua Creating Mermaids, Fairies, Surf Art and More for my Etsy Shop.  To see more of my work visit my blog.

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Please Note began just over a year ago as a very small Etsy shop specializing in only a few handmade invitations. I'm more than pleased with the progress I've made since then, expanding and creating a second vintage Etsy shop as well as the Please Note blog. The blog is my absolute favorite aspect of Please Note. I post daily and love to feature DIYs that I'm currently working on as well as step-by-step recipes with lots of photos. 

Hi there, I'm Nat over at Take the Cannoli and I see everyday is a new day. Some days are fabulous and some require extra mascara to accentuate the only thing I have going for me when I’m still rockin' the leggings I slept in when my hubs returns home from work.  Though I have no idea what each day will bring I do know God is faithful and good. And so I blog about crafts, fashion, DIY and if I’m feeling really spunky I may even toss in a recipe here and there. I also own a little shop filled mostly with hand -stitched lovelies  a.k.a embroidered hoop art, which has kind of become my therapeutic outlet. The pieces in my collection are inspired by affirmations, scriptures, hymns, sweet sayings and even sweet treats! My hope is that these hoops will be a blessing to others as they are displayed in homes and workspaces.

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My name is Laura McHugh and I love sharing my art, passions and creations on my blog.  Vintage2Glam is my idea of reusing colorful vintage finds, salvaging items most would consider old or used and turning them into something Glam. I Love recycling the past and incorporating these items into my own vintage inspired accessories and artwork with a modern twist.

My name is Violet and I blog over at Blythe Ponytail Parades, a compilation blog featuring my photography and progress with the business, food and crafts! I am always trying to keep things fresh, new and exciting while posting throughout the week! Come on over if you enjoy vintage inspired photography, tutorials and DIYs, new decadent recipes or a load of inspiration to brighten your day!

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Hi! I'm Marilyn and my blog is Pulp Sushi. I live in the Hudson Valley region just north of NYC with my boyfriend. I work in HR but my goal is to creatively work for myself.  My blog shares shop updates, crafty tutorials, reviews, and my own stories about growing a business, and still being a city girl at heart. I'm unapologetically addicted to coffee, desserts, music & dresses. 

Bake and Destroy founder Natalie Slater is best known for drawing inspiration for her original recipes from unexpected places - like cartoons, heavy metal and professional wrestling. For that reason, BakeandDestroy.com has struck a chord with experienced chefs and DIY novices alike. With recipes ranging from French Toast Donuts to Nacho Cupcakes, Bake and Destroy is a website, and soon-to-be cookbook, for people who party in their kitchens. Bake and Destroy is also the home base for SugarSlam, the “most delicious competition is sports entertainment.” Each year, the pro-wrestling themed online bake-off attracts hundreds of entries from around the world and features celebrity judges like WWE’s Amy Dumas and US Air Guitar Champion Nordic Thunder. 

What a line up! Some familiar faces and some new! I am thrilled to be able to share their respective talents & style with you guys! No matter what your favorite type of blogs or shops may be, there really is something for everyone here! While relaxing this weekend make it a point to visit some of these blogs,shops, and sites...introduce yourself...maybe even treat yourself to a bit of shopping. Then spread the love...share your finds and reads with your friends!  We've got a dazzling array of fun and interesting personalities here...what a mix!

Hope you guys have a great weekend!
xo, Jenny


  1. What awesome sponsors!! Off to check them out!!!

  2. @Julie Tucker-Wolek I know!! Everyone is so unique, fun and talented! :) Happy to share!


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