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A beautiful Sunday, early evening, windows are open, Pumpkin Cupcake candle is burning, the house is silent save for the humming dishwasher. Aaron is finishing up some painting, my brother Walt & his girlfriend Val went to a Barbecue, and I'm working on some plans for an upcoming project that I am pretty excited about. I filled up a good dozen pages of notes, sketches, and ideas in a notebook over the past two days. I'm still toying with ideas and how I'd like to go about starting the project, which I hope to do within the next two weeks (fingers crossed). I'm excited to share said project with you, mostly to see if any of you share my passion. I know this is such a tease and I'm pretty much telling you something without telling you anything at all. I just really want to tidy up my ideas and plan a smidge more before sharing. But it'll be soon soon...I promise! :)

I've been sifting through cooler weather recipes over on Pinterest and really look forward to doing some comfort food cooking...and baking. I think the crock pot will be working over time, and the cookie sheets and bundt pans are going to be earning their keep as well. The above pumpkin doughnut created a monster. Just one bite was all it took to kick start my baker's heart.

This here is Carlos. The crazy old man. Ha ha! He really makes us laugh. Getting this pic was no easier than capturing Yeti or Loch ness' most famous resident on film. He has a nack for dodging the camera. He's never had a bad experience with a camera so I have no idea why he runs and ducks and zigs and zags any time I aim the lens at him.  His little brother Jack on the other hand loves to pose any chance he gets. But you won't find a pic of him in today's post because he happens to be sleeping the day away under blankies in the bedroom.

I've been gathering up some vintage ephemera for a Fall Journal I'm working on.  I've mentioned that I'm really not an orange gal, but come Fall and I LOVE it! I'm totally down with the classic Halloween color palette of Orange, Black, and White. Keep that newfangled Purple out of the picture. It doesn't work for me. But you know what does?...Aqua. It's the perfect outside-the-box addition to the Fall spectrum.

This weekend was also spent working on orders that will soon be shipped to happy new homes all over the globe. We are very excited about one large order in particular. It's a nice assortment of stuff...a great cross section of what we do best. And this is the fun's going to a newly opened retro style bakery in Kuwait! :)

So these are some bits of life here at casa de Holiday. What have you guys been up to? Any fun outings or vintage finds?  Recipes you think I'd like? Tell me, tell me, tell me... I'd so love to hear! :)
xo Jenny

ps. Be sure to visit me tomorrow...I'm really excited about a super cool giveaway from one of this month's fabulous sponsors! :) 


  1. I love pumpkin! I love the way it smells, tastes, even how they look so cute all lined or piled up! They are my favorite "decoration" for fall. I agree. Where did purple come from? I like purple but don't think of it as a Halloween color. More of a mardi gras color. Carlos is so cute! Glad you were able to sneak a pic of him! Your project sounds intriguing and I can't wait to hear more! You're always so creative and full of inspiration! Congrats on your big order to Kuwait - how cool is that? Let's see, what I have found lately - a 1938 Underwood Champion typewriter at a yard sale for $5 (could you just die?)and four old windows in the trash (I love curb shopping) and have been working on various little projects when time permits. You can read about my finds on my blog if you want to Thanks for sharing your day! Hugs, Leena

  2. Such an adorable blog. I love your vintage theme notebooks and the painting are so cute. Sigh the first day of fall is here. I can't believe how fast it's arrive.

  3. I love the paintings you're working on! Make me happy! I love this time of year, too, and - I love purple as part of the Halloween Palette - works for me. I like the idea of aqua got me thinking Jenny! ;o)

  4. your doggy is adorable!!! He has the same coloring as my Mr. Dandy!!!

  5. have a nice day!!!

  6. That sounds like a great weekend! I still need to pick up a fall candle. This weekend I picked up some yarn and knitting needles so I can finally learn how to knit.

  7. Sounds like the perfect Sunday! I too am eagerly awaiting the cooler weather of Fall. And you inspired me to go out and get a Pumpkin Spice candle! I know it's not even October yet, but my daughter and I have already started decorating for Halloween. :) We are off to Peir 1 today, after school, to get more decorations for our Halloween tree.

  8. You have an adorable dog!!

  9. LOVE this post! So fun. Where do you find your ephemera? ONline or do you have super cute local stores that carry vintage things?


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