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I can feel it in my bones...Autumn is upon us. The nights are chilly and brisk, and I'm busy doing things like taking my cardigans out of storage and putting them in the forefront of my bedroom closet. I just love this time of year, and since our summer came to a very stressful end I'm definitely guilty of rushing things along...looking at the calendar and saying "c'mon...move it along September...we've got October all dressed up and ready to go!" 
Yeah, the end of our summer was a solid two weeks of Murphy's Law and I'm looking forward to forgetting it all and getting cozy with some warm apple cider, sweaters, my new array of candles...all that Fall goodness. I'm hoping this transition time will work wonders on my soul...and I wish the same for all of you guys!

Ok, that said...Welcome to another edition of Friday Favorites! Let's start with Gladys. And right now you may be asking..."who in the world is Gladys?"...and the answer is that Gladys isn't exactly a who, she's a what. And what she is is this ultra fabulous airstream trailer that the fantastic Tif, who is the gal behind Dottie Angel  , turns into a dreamy pop up shop this time of year. I've been a huge fan of Dottie Angel forever and I had the chance to actually meet Tif in person when we taught at The Creative Connection. Well, Tif lived up to her legend and then some. Wow, would I love to take a walk through Gladys and just soak in the vintagey magic that Tif creates. Definitely check out Dottie Angel's site and blog...and if you are super lucky...maybe you can even visit Gladys!

How absolutely fantastic are these tights?! Again, I've got Autumn on the brain...and Autumn is synonymous with Fashion. We get to pile on the layers and colors and just get as creative as we please with our Fall wardrobe. I'm in love with fashion as an art form and all summer long I feel absolutely stifled and naked...not being able to wear layers and layers of amazing clothing. These are actually a stretch for me...I'm really a black tights kinda girl...heck, I don't know if I'd personally wear them. But fashion touches my soul even if I'm not the one wearing it. It's wearable art...walking inspiration. There's something about these...I don't me they've got an Art Journal-y feel. They almost look like fun colored ledger paper.

I just adore adore adore this painting. The colors make me so incredibly happy. I see so much happening here. Aaron and I both laid in bed just staring at it and picking things out. Fireworks, and teapots, and cave paintings, and name a few.
I haven't looked into the official details of it...and I think I prefer not knowing. This is just one piece from the incredible works of artist Marti Somers.

This vintage Scotch Tape ad had me cracking up. Growing up my mom always waited till we couldn't see...till we looked like shaggy sheep dogs...and then finally, she would grab the scissors and free us from our blinding manes. My brothers on the other hand, always had fresh cut "bowls". Haha! I may or may not have considered trying this scotch tape trick. My bangs are under control at the moment...but maybe, just maybe, sometime in the near future Aaron may walk into the bathroom and find me with a strip of tape across my forehead and scissors in hand. I'm crazy like that. Anyway...this ad makes me smile.

These repurposed crates are just beyond adorable. Cute, stylish storage. And I love that the whole assemblage is on wheels...can you get more convenient? You've seen me post things similar to this in the past. I love stacked up, make-do wall units made from repurposed materials. With these it's all about your fabric choices...the sky's the limit really.

Ok, thanks so so much again for joining me for Friday Favorites. I hope you've found something here that tickles your fancy. This is the season for inspiration. I know personally that inspiration is one of my most valuable commodities. So I wish all of you guys, from the bottom of my heart, an abundance of inspiration this Fall. Time to get cozy!
xo, Jenny


  1. In my dreams, I get an Airstream and open a pop-up shop. Oh em gee...I love it!! I wish Washington wasn't on the other side of the country...I'd love to check that out!

  2. I adore Dottie Angel and her Gladys!! Such vintage goodness!! Happy autumn weekend! xo Heather

  3. Your Friday Favorites are the best! Going to go check out those links now... =)

    Oh, and after seeing Honeybean by Kaelah at Little Chief Honeybee and now Gladys... I really want a little mobile boutique of my own! How dreamy would that be?

  4. Jenny...that storage set up with the crates is AMAZING!!! I wish I had space for...anything...even storage because I would so do that!!

    Great finds :)


  5. These are AWESOME!! I am LOVING those tights!!!!

  6. You know, that scotch tape idea is a bit crazy, but - sort of genius in a way? I'd only try it if I had lots of wine and an! I love the painting, too - all the colors and textre make my mouth water.

  7. I love Fall too! It is still so hot where I live so I am dying for sweater & boot weather. ;) Adorable tights and I would love to see that airstream in fabulous!!

  8. Adore the tights!!!!! Would wear them everyday!

  9. I absolutely LOVE your blog! Everything about it screams...ADORABLE!!! :)

  10. You make Friday's even better with your Favorites Jenny, thank you!
    Tif and Glady's are vintage heaven! I had a blast checking out her site, thanks!
    I'm STILL laughing over the scotch little sister and I had tried that trick out back in the day...on her of course, lol...she still won't let me forget it!! Thanks for the belly laugh, I needed it. Big sweet hugs for you honey :)

  11. I absolutely love the repurposed crates...and your blog!!

  12. Those multicolor tights are pretty. Those crates looks so good at storage place.

    ~ Herman Swan


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