Oh my gosh guys! I feel like I've been away for weeks! We were without power for the last two days and it felt like the earth stopped spinning. The weather was hot and humid, no breezes at all. Sure, we've dealt with no air conditioning plenty of times...but having no electric means not even having a fan! The dead stillness that goes along with a power outage is downright sickening. The only movement was my heart beating doubletime with panic. I couldn't check email, or maintain the shop...no blogging, no pinterest, no facebook. No late night snacks while watching Jimmy Fallon. You know, all the really "important" stuff.  ;) Aaron was running around grabbing coolers and ice in order to save our stockpile of yogurt. (yeah, he's pretty much addicted to yogurt.)  And we own lots of candles but Aar went and bought a ton of cheapo ones. We couldn't stand the thought of lighting a dozen "good" candles all at once. Their decadent aromas clashing and going to waste. So he found dollar store vanilla jars and we had them going in every room. I really try to find some good in any situation. Just knowing that we do not go a day without internet, and knowing that we all need a day to just "un plug". I tried to tell myself that this was a necessary break from the wired world. (but if I'm being honest here...I must say that I didn't fool myself for a second. Being unplugged is no fun at all.) 

Within daylight hours we did as much prep work as we could for orders. We couldn't cut wood for diecuts or signs. Couldn't print shipping labels. But the thing I was stressing over the most was that there would be no Art Journaling with Jenny & Aaron post for Thursday morning. I didn't want to just throw something together last minute, so Aaron and I decided we would reschedule this week's class for Sunday! So if you popped in for class today we thank you so much! And we hope that you can rejoin us on Sunday.

So now the power is restored, and so is my sanity (relatively speaking of course ; ) ). My inbox is overflowing and we have a ridiculous amount of catch up in all directions. I'm thrilled to have A/C and fans circulating cool air. I feel like I can breathe and think again. And I have to say that silence is overrated. I'm thrilled to hear the humming and buzzing and whirring and clicking and dinging of all the electrified things in my life.

So, on a happier more fun note...

I'm thrilled to be a part of this sweet girl's Birthday celebration! Nat is celebrating all month long with some really fabulous giveaways and I am beyond happy to be kicking it off! I'll let her fill you in on how we met! (back in 07' through ebay of all places!) 

So, our life is plugged in once again, and it's a big game of catch up over here. We'll be back to our regular schedule tomorrow...kicking it off with Friday Favorites! :)

Thanks for popping in! Missed ya! ;)
xo Jenny


  1. So sorry about no electricity for two days! We have gone one day without it, and it is crazy how many things you can't use! ;) Glad it is back on! Have a lovely day! xo Heather

  2. Power outages are bad in summer. When it happens I feel terrible for old folk and babies.
    Look forward to catching up with your sunday blog.

  3. Oh my gosh! Power outages are the worst! You never think about just how much relies on it until its ALL gone at once.

  4. That is crazy! And what terrible timing, when it's still so blazing out there. I'm glad you were able to get through it!


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