I've always loved the phrase "Stop and smell the roses"... and try my best to live by it in my day to day life. And that's what I love about Thanksgiving. It's a day that is dedicated to the stop and smell the roses sentiment. All of these wonderful people who we are surrounded by in our lives...all of the magical moments we share...the art we get to admire or get to make with our own hands...the laughs we share...the work that we do...and I mean the work that satisfies us...and the gifts we give each other...the selfless acts of charity that I've seen in the past few weeks alone are enough to last me a lifetime...our families and friends...our adorable pups...the kindness of strangers.
Today is the day to reflect on all of that. And this year I think I've got more goodness to reflect on than any other year of my life leading up to this. In the wake of a disastrous event I got to bear witness to something that I actually knew all along. And that is the fact that I've got some of the most amazing friends a girl could dream of. And let me amend that statement...because I know that Aaron feels exactly the same as I do. WE, me & Aaron, have got the most amazing friends...and we always knew this. What I mean to say is that you guys didn't surprise us...we always thought the world of you...we always knew the depth of your love and friendship. But still, you sure did WOW us. You impressed the heck out of us and made us feel like a million bucks. We felt cared for...needed, wanted, loved. And we really cannot thank you enough for that. It just might be the greatest gift that one can receive. 
So, Thank You. From the bottom of our hearts. This day is dedicated to all of you.
Happy Thanksgiving
xoxo, Jenny... & Aaron 


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!!!! I hope you have a beautiful day today! <3 Look for a couple of boxes next week! <3

  2. So glad you all are safe and I'm thankful along with you! Blessings! Happy Thanksgiving! :)


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