I fell down the rabbit hole (aka Instagram)

I know I know... I'm so so late to this party. And to be 100% honest I'm here due to receiving one of the most unexpected, uncalled for, over generous, totally bananas joint gifts from Aaron's brother this year! Aaron's brother is known for giving...umm...creatively weeeird gifts. Like a little "learn to play the harmonica" kit, or a random xxl adidas jacket, a glass head, or a big giant black bag full of stuff from Five Below (discount store wherein all things are below 5 bucks...had to clarify in case it's not a national chain.) ...So, needless to say, when he handed us this small box we were all ready to be creatively and weirdly surprised. But this time he went too far......an IPAD?!! like what in the heck?! Way too much. Holy Crow! The outfit and hat we bought him being blown away in comparison. 
But he's like that. Always full of surprises and unfazed by how grateful you are. He's just like..."yeah, no big deal." And it's really crazy because he hails from one of the worst storm ravaged towns here on the shore. His apartment is GONE. But I guess he figured "when it rains it pours"...literally. 
So what I'm getting at is....I'm now on Instagram and thrilled to join the fun! Still have an old school style phone in my pocket...but I can now Instagram along with the rest of you futuristic guys and dolls via my IPAD. Thrilled. 

So yes...We are losing our minds over apps and options. And Instagram has owned the last 24 hours for us. ha! I know you are giggling at me right now.  Geez it is so fun! (welcome to the 2010's Jenny)
I think I need to get one of our very own Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake Ipad cases maybe. Well anyway, I look forward to more interaction with all of you. And I hope to see some fab end of the year images over these next couple of days.
Today we are off to Home Depot to pick up supplies, paint, primers etc. It's going to be a really busy week for us. 

So yes yes...if you are on Instagram let me know! And if you'd like to follow me...


Be back soon!
xo Jenny


  1. How fun!! I loveeeeeeeee all the photos!!!

  2. Ti auguro un meraviglioso anno nuovo, creativo e colorato come te!!

  3. I will try and find you :-) My name on instagram is barnenshjaltar

  4. I'm already following you! So exciting! Instagram is my fave! I'm @retr0phot0 if you want to follow me too. :)

  5. everything just looks better on instagram, it's true! no shame in wanting to take pretty pictures. :) (i'm kimlw on there, btw!)


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