a pretty good week so far...

Hey guys! Well the week is off to a pretty good start! Aaron and I have been busy busy bees! The mood has shifted a bit for the better. We are both seasonal depressives for sure, but I guess once the cold has really set in we both realize there's nothing we can do about it so why not pretend that it's 70 degrees and sunny? We've been medicating with music, coffee & tea...and lots of art making. Filling orders isn't a grind in times like this...it's a gift and a blessing. Artists need affirmation, and as far as that goes what's better than a stack of boxes full of your artwork all set to ship to every part of the country? Lots of really awesome folks have had the patience of saints while we work in these far less than ideal home conditions. 
Seeing our Cookies and EAT signs lined up last week was a thrill, and this week we have multiple Charlottes! Triplets to be exact! :)  And some assorted prints and other fun pieces. We always love seeing different mixes of our art. People often purchase mini collections from us and we really do get a kick out of seeing the diversity of their selections. There are some talented "groupers" out there. 

Lots of hammering going on! 

...and signing

and sanding...And can you believe this lil guy? Aaron had that cardboard placed to catch falling dust from sanding the edges of our diecuts. And "little" just so happens to looove the feel and sound of his tiny feet on cardboard. And then we he discovered that his cardboard platform was located directly in front of a space heater...we could not get him to budge!

So yeah, this little heater hog normally won't even deal with a light rain or mist, and he hates the cold...but something about snow changes all of his precipitation and temperature standards. He had a blast running around in the bit of snow that we got last night. Probably only an inch or two fell but boy is it cold!!! And they're predicting some more snow for Friday. brrrrr.

So poor Aaron had been needing new shoes soooo badly. Everyday shoes. He's truly a boot man, but boots aren't great for everyday...sitting around working...you need some comfort. Maybe a month or so ago when we were out shopping for the holidays and we came across a pair of skate shoes that were a cross between a sneaker and a boat shoe...but weren't flimsy. When shoes are flimsy we refer to them as "slippery dippery". Anyways...at the store they didn't have his size, and we were shopping for other people so the shoes weren't a big priority. Well yesterday we found them online! It was strange...they come up via Sears of all places...but then we were redirected to a site called Afterschool.com. Ummm...ok I must tell you that we are soooo HAPPY with the entire process! We ordered them at 4 pm yesterday and they are on his feet now! In the store and on the company site they were over 69.00. We got them for 49.99 plus free shipping! Under 24 hrs!! Hooray for Afterschool.com!  

And I just wanted to share a lucky lucky happy find with you! I'm big into BREAD! Eating it, smelling it, decorating with it. And I hope that as soon as our kitchen is a kitchen again...BAKING it! Well this is a vintage new old stock linen dish towel! I am so excited about it! It came today in the mail. So both Aaron and I had a happy happy mail day!

Yeah like I said...the week is off to a pretty good start! Hope yours is too!
xo Jenny...and Aaron says hi!

soundtrack at this moment: Led Zeppelin's Kashmir


  1. My Little Pup hates the rain too but LOVES the snow. she will roll in it and dig her face in it. It's so funny.

  2. I love when weeks start out like that.

    Vintagehoneybee.blogspot. com

  3. Sounds like a good week and I happy to read about it. Your doggie is too cute! Also love your art,cannot wait to purcharse some more!

    xx Susie

  4. Love the Charlottes, I have a doll just like them.
    Hugz, Z

  5. Love the dish towel! My mom had a breadbox with that same lettering on it.

  6. I am loving all the new art pieces!! GORGEOUS!! And his shoes rock!! What great customer service!!!

  7. I love this post! The winter can be so hard. Sounds like things are much better. Nice shoes Aaron. Love seeing all the work. xoxoxox

  8. I recognize the Bread tea towel SO MUCH! I wonder if my mom or grandma didn't have one in my childhood!


  9. Feeling the love for you!!!! Great sound going on too!

  10. Jenny
    If we could bottle your joy and spirit i would buy a gallon and never share! Thank you for adding just the perfect amount of sugar and sparkle to my days! Aaron too! Enjoy the snowfall and stay warm! Love you both, Lori


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