Friday Favorites

Hey friends! Happy Friday! This week seemed to be over before it started. We never fully got back into the swing of things after the holiday. And now here we are at the weekend! Today we'll be shopping around for studio flooring, paint, and some closet organizers.  If all goes as planned, maybe by Monday  we'll be ready to start setting up our art supplies and stuff.  I am really really looking forward to having a fresh clean slate. I can't wait to be settled in and start going nuts in a good way! So many ideas for new designs and projects!  

So yes...hooray for Friday! How about some Friday Favorites?

First, the above collection of Valentine kitchen goodies from Target! Oooh aren't they just so so fun? Circus-y! I love them all!

Also from Target...a collection of canisters with chalkboard labels. Super cute!

Ok, you know I'm crazy for balloons...and these striped balloons really take me over the edge! Love love love!

How darling is this dress? And the name couldn't be more fitting! 

And I'm going to be quite honest here and tell you that I've been wrapping my IPAD in a cupcake dish towel when I leave the house. Holding out for a cute case....and ummmm I think I found it!!

Have you come across anything amazing lately? Or were you gifted something fabulous over the Holidays? I'd love to hear or see! :)
xo, Jenny

Happy Friday kids!
xo Jenny


  1. I am so jealous of the USA having Target - I wish we had it in the UK!

  2. I love that dress, and yes that iphone case is the cutest I've ever seen.

  3. Those balloons are incredible!


  4. I love all of your Friday Favorites, Jenny!! It's all so darn cute!!
    Michelle xoxo

  5. I've seen those balloons before (your instagram??) and I looooove them!

  6. I looove the Target Valentine's stuff too! I bought the little circus tent snack bowl but I tried to be good, haha.

  7. I love your taste--especially those balloons.

    Just joined the blog hop btw.

  8. Hey Jenny! New reader through the Awesome Blog Hop and just wanted to say hi and Happy New Year! Just spend a good ten minutes looking through your archives and I cannot believe I wasn't following you before. Your illustrations are absolutely adorable, and I'm kind of in love with your hair. Looking forward to following along xo

  9. I'm way obsessed with all of Target's Valentines stuff. Especially the portioned plate with the strong man on it!

  10. I must say that I agree, I would love to have Target where I am. They have such nice things. It wouldn't be to good for my wallet but... when there are so many cute things. It's so hard to resist.

  11. Wow striped balloons! I've never seen that before, I love it! Followed you via Totally Awesome Blog Hop

    Summer x

  12. I am completely in love with those things from target too! I need the circus top cup *_*

  13. Must-stop-buying-Target-Valentine-collection. They let me down with Halloween and Christmas last year, but have redeemed themselves with their Valentine collection. I kinda want it all. I can not find the strong man stuff they had earlier this month and it is making me very sad.


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