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I honestly don't even know how my brain is telling my fingers to type this right now. I'm an absolute zombie right now. My brother Walt just got over Bronchitis, and Aaron has had a nasty cold for about a week. Now we are coughing and aching together. Aaron's Dad has begun to cough, his Mom is feeling feverish, and his brother has the flu. It is hard to turn on the news without hearing New York referred to as Flu York right now. Ugh...just ugh. 

Jeez, I had big plans for the weekend and they just got thrown out the window. Just when I told myself and you guys that I will not be limiting myself to taking only instagram photos...here I am, with only Instagram photos.  I was hoping to take a walk through town with my camera and take some pics of the rebuilding progress. To give you guys some updates on destruction spots I had shared in the days after the storm. I've been wondering what some of those homes look like now. Aaron and I both think that a few must have been torn down altogether. Especially the beach front homes with nearly every wall missing...you could look inside and see the whole layout, just like dollhouses.

Oh, so last night the above photo received a few comments on Instagram. People asking where on earth I found Theraflu, which made me laugh...because knowing me...and my medicine cabinet...I expected to flip the box over and see some crazy old expiration date. But no, I was safe...I have till November of next year. But I bet I purchased it a while ago. So I googled to see what the issue was...and yep... it was discontinued for a while due to plant issues...rumors of it being made in china...and rumors of it being used to cook Meth.  Interesting!  I also heard from a friend on facebook that it gave her and her son vivid nightmares! We took some last night and it seemed to help with headache and body aches for a bit ...and no nightmares to report. 

 You'd swear these two guys were mimicking Aaron and I...well no.... I only wish this was how peaceful I looked and felt while sleeping. At present it is that constant annoying tickling cough thing that keeps me up, and with lots of tossing and turning...Just yuck.   

On a lighter, happier, more fun note....

We just listed some Valentine's Day goodies in the shop! Our classic Valentine's cupcakes and this vintage Valentine inspired painting above! It's listed now as a print and we'll be adding some mini plaques this week! If you'd like to pick something up for you or your sweetie you can still use the XONEWJERSEY code for 20% off!!

Well, my friends, I am off to pop some zinc, with a Emergen-C chaser!

Hope you and yours are sniffle and cough free!
Love from the NJ Shore!
xo Jenny


  1. I've been ill since before the New Year! I hope you guys get through this faster!

  2. Oof. :( Feel better, both of you! People do the craziest stuff with flu medicine and meds in general. Jen has Klonopin for severe anxiety and she was put on a strict warning that she can only get one bottle a month, which is all she needs. Curious, we asked why because we thought maybe you could get addicted, etc. You CAN, but the reason is because people can get high off too many, sell them, etc. Urgh. It's people who do that, that make meds hard to get for people who need them!

    /rant over

  3. Feel better Jenny we are sick here in California, it just hit and we are down for the count! Hugs, Diane

  4. Sorry to hear you are sick. We are sick out here in California too. I was sick since before Christmas, and was just starting to feel better when I got another sore throat yesterday! How is that possible? Ugh. I know what you mean when you say you had so many plans and now don't feel well enough to do any of them. Hope you feel better soon.
    Cute Valentine's print!

  5. I feel ya! I caught the crud over the weekend. Did a 24 hour herbal tea fast, then finally took mucinex and feel better. Hope y'all get better soon!

  6. Awwww! I'm so sorry to hear that everybody is sick up there! I hate the tickly annoying sleep disturbing cough thingie! Did you get your flu shot? I sure hope so! Get some rest and feel better everyone! Hugs, Leena

  7. I hope you start feeling better soon.


  8. Hope you feel better soon!! Your mugs are my initials!! Julie Ann! :)

  9. Love me some Thera Flu when I am under the weather!!!!
    Feel better SOOOOON!
    D xo


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