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Hey friends! Happy Sunday! It's chilly yet sunny here on the NJ Shore.  It's supposed to get reeeally cold this week and that has Aaron and I ready to quit. Well ok, slight exaggeration...but mannn we both haaate being cold! And like I've mentioned, our heating system has mega issues and Hurricane Sandy really didn't help matters. We've been using a little space heater that we just picked up at Home Depot. It works great...when it is blowing directly on you. But since there are two of us we have it set to oscillate, which means one of us freezes every other 5 seconds...ha! I'm such a baby...and so is Aaron. The only bad thing about the space heater is that it fools the thermostat into believing that the heating system is doing a GREAT job...and therefore the heat doesn't kick in!  ah well. Adventures in home ownership! Party!

So I'm excited to say that we took this Sunday and made it all about Art Journaling! It has been too long since we got to play around with our fave supplies. Hurricane Sandy was the biggest rudest pause button ever. We still have no idea where some things are but we are working with the happy bits we have. I'm a gatherer and Aaron is a sketcher. Which is a great combo. We meet in the middle and it all works out. And oh yeah, as you can gather from the above photo...Carlos is a lap hog :)

And this lazy bones who we call Jack takes his Sundays seeeriously. As I walked from the kitchen to the livingroom I looked down and this is what I saw upon the chair. I think his lip and tooth dried so this made his lazy face appear to be smirking. Very soon after he fell into a deep deep sleep and it now sounds as if we have a team of lumberjacks sawing logs underneath the blankets.

And this guy feels the need to be up and aware and ready at all times. If he's not on your lap he's right beside you. He tries to stay alert but ends up falling asleep sitting upright. He's such a nutty old man!

Look! Our new IKEA pendant lamp is hung!! Thanks to Aaron's dad! We love it! Now all we have left is painting the walls and ceiling, and adding new trim around the room! So beyond excited! I won't lie...we haven't been rays of sunshine. It's hard to perk up with the piles and piles of supplies and boxes everywhere. It certainly can feel as if the walls are closing in around you. But I'm actually pretty proud of how much of a glass as half full mentality we've been able to sustain through all of this. The me of  lets say...ten years ago...would have curled in a ball or had a panic attack. For now we're just taking it day by day. We're looking at the bright side and know there is a light at the end of this tunnel.

Ohhh and I made a Chicken Tortilla Soup that was like seriously seriously deeelish! Geez...I kid you one of the best soups we've ever had! Spicy, with layers of flavor.  Can't wait to have it again later tonight! :)

 And an update on the sickness front...I am feeling a lot better but still going through tissues like crazy! It has been long enough. I am so ready to feel 100%

How about you guys? What are you up to today?
Love from the NJ Shore!
xo Jenny...oh and Aaron says hi too!

Our soundtrack today: The Strokes


  1. Loving the photos!!! I hear ya girl -- my house was driven into YEARS ago when a guy was smoking a joint, dropped it on his floor board, went to reach for it and ended up in my living room in his big old Cadillac!! It took him 3 seconds to destroy my house, and 5 months to rebuild it!! I had everything I owned from the living room in my kitchen for 5 months ... and I can tell you I got real good at maze walking! LOL! :) It will get better my friend... I promise! :)

  2. That soup sounds so good, I need that recipe.

  3. Yes, I agree with Vintage Honeybee, please share that recipe! I love soup!!

  4. Ooh the soup looks so lovely!

  5. I don't like the cold either and boy it's cold here in the UK at the moment.
    Your soup looks delish!

  6. Glad to hear your Sunday news. It's great to hear you're feeling better. The soup looks great.


  7. I really like the little bunny drawing - the eyes are really cute!

  8. Come on girl - you gotta share that recipe! Glad to hear you guys are staying positive. I would've probably been a basket case in your situation, but I think the worst has passed. TFS


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