Holy crow man I never thought that day 5 of this cold would be the worst. I have mounds and mounds of tissues all around me. Tons of coughing, sniffling, and lots of sneezing. Aaron just said that he thought the sneezing was normally indicative of the beginning of a cold and that he was sneezing when we went to IKEA...which was at the beginning of his cold. Mind you, this is just armchair science. But if that is the it possible that I have caught another cold? You'd think that since I have the energy to blog right now that I'd have the energy to google the stages of a cold and the whole sneezing bit...nope.

Anyways...we woke today to rain rain rain...and gray gray gray. And it's quite chilly. We decided to work from home today instead of our makeshift studio over at Aaron's parent's house. Amid the total chaos we set up all of our supplies in our living room and we are sitting on the edge of our couch, hunched over palettes and hand painted signs, with a space heater blowing on us. Party. Of course our surround sound hasn't worked right since the place as Aaron puts it...we are listening to The Strokes all day via the laptop...which sounds like a "tin can". Things could be worse.  

We are working production line style on a bunch of sign orders. Cookies & EAT are collector faves! And we couldn't be happier. They are really fab pieces. Beyond thrilled to be sending them out to their new homes! 

The place is a total wreck! But we are still moving forward! Aaron's Dad came by today to help with some things in the studio. Some taping and spackling and floor leveling. We are so so thankful! All that we have left is new trim, painting, hanging our light, and then it is move in time!! I am beeeyond excited to get in there and hang shelves and organize and get it all set up. 

What about you guys? What are you up to?

Thanks for popping in and checking on us! :)
xo Jenny...and Aaron!


  1. Hope you both feel better SOON! Love the signs!

  2. I tuoi bellissimi colori ti forniranno sicuramente l'energia per guarire presto e creare un nido deliziosamente candy per voi due!

  3. @susanc Thank you so much! So sweet of you!! :) xo

  4. @bellalullo Ohh La ringrazio molto per le tue parole dolci! Quindi, gentile da parte vostra! :) Grazie mille per aver visitato il mio blog! xo

  5. Hi Jenny! Hope you guys feel better soon!!
    Michelle xoxo

  6. I always sneeze at the start of a cold:( get well soon!!!

  7. Wow I love your blog, is more interesting and beautiful, congratulations. kisses from Spain.

  8. I hope you feel better soon!! LOVING that EAT sign!!!


  9. You guys!
    Those are beautiful signs!
    They are so cheerful and happy to look at!

    (((Sounds like you could also be having an allergic reaction while being sick.)))
    Whatever it is, Get Well Soon!

  10. So sorry that your still filling bad. And glad your shop is still staying busy.

  11. Hope your are feeling better. So sorry it has lasted so long. Beautiful sign!! Wishing you a weekend full of rest and sunshine! xo Heather


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