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So things are indeed moving along over here! The studio is painted...with the exception of some replaced pieces of trim that we grabbed at Home Depot today. And do you see that hammer? Yep! Hanging art! Hooray! Geez man, it feels good to be at the art hanging stage! 
We still have lots of organizing to do and we need to get some shelves for one wall, but overall the room should be totally finished within a week! Of course finished is relative term. We'll always be moving things around...adding happy bits and elements. But yep! Almost there! 

Yesterday and today we were actually able to do some work in there!  In our last apartment it was a nightmare getting this old farmhouse table out the door because it was a super old home with tiny doorways in narrow hallways. So yesterday it was like this big amazing moment when we were able to carry the table right through the threshold without so much as a pause in our stride. Ha! We laughed out loud at the same time...with the same thoughts.

It's no secret that I am a candle fan. Jeez, they work as such good medicine for me. They add an extra layer of happy to a room or moment. I had Sweet Macaron from Bath & Body Works burning as we began to get the studio looking like a studio. This is a super duper sweet scent, and wow what a throw!

Oh boy, so the other day a big batch of our Keep Calm And Have A Cupcake items arrived at our door. For those that don't know, when you have licensed designs most of the time you get quantities of each product in the collection as part of your deal. I've blogged other items over the years but these are new to us. We had no idea how successful this collection would be. The Keep Calm phenom has been part of online and blogging culture for years now...but there is this whole other wave of fans that love it strictly for their love of cupcakes! The line has expanded and will continue to. We have playing cards...which I think would be fantastic used in art projects! Think Scrapbooking, Art Journaling, and Project Life! Also Nook, Kindle and Kindle Fire covers, as well as 2014 planners, and the most adorable little books with Sweet Little Thoughts on Staying Sane. All are now listed in the shop and ready to ship! We have limited quantities so grab em while we have them! :) Ipad covers coming in April!

Ok, off to get dinner ready and maybe after we'll get some trim painting done! Can't wait to get some real projects cranking out of our new studio. A fresh start is great for creativity.

xo, Jenny 


  1. Oh my! That is fantastic! And adorable!!!

  2. So glad that everything is coming together!! And loving the covers!!

  3. I love a good candle too. Keep us posted on how the walls look with all the art work.

  4. Jenny, LOVE the new covets. I am absolutely going to feature them on my blog next week. They are too cute to pass up!

  5. yeah! can't wait to see pictures of the new studio. so happy for you guys !

  6. Le tue creazioni sono sempre sorprendenti e meravigliose!

  7. That candle looks gorgeous and I love the keep calm things! Looking forward to seeing how your new studio turns out. xxx

    your new items, so very
    adorable, just like you!
    Best wishes!


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