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Hey kids! Happy Saturday to you! From what I've been seeing on Instagram and blogs many of you are pretty covered in snow. As beautiful and enchanting as some of those photos are I am so so glad that we are not in your zipcode. In the span of one week we had pipes freeze and burst and then it warmed up enough for a mosquito to invade my space! Aaron shakes his head at my anger over mosquitos. I get pretty nuts when I see mosquitos inside MY home. How dare they! I seriously would yell at them. I have no love for the little whining bloodsuckers.

And currently we are back to cold cold cold. Had to keep the faucets dripping last night. The sun is shining today but we still need the space heater aimed at us.

Aimed at us as we work...yes we're working today...what else is new?! So many projects going on at once. But when there is paint left on a palette and things are drying and I'm sketching things, Aaron cannot help himself! Out comes his marble notebook art journal and within minutes there is a "pretty girl".  I love the look of these they're just dashed out quickly on lined paper. They're unassuming and unimportant...rendered with whatever leftover paint is on the palette...yet they work. I hope to keep these notebooks of his forever. I just love the juxtaposition of the black and white marble...and the lines and these pretty pastel colors and faces. And another crack up is I'm pretty sure that the above gal was painted all within the length of Metallica's Battery. Yeah this chick has secrets. Don't let the sweet collar fool ya! ;)

We had to run to Staples and oooh I just couldn't pass up these candy colored office bits! Eeee! look at those push pins. Once that studio is finished I will be a pin pushing fool!

And meet the newest member of the family. I had been wanting this guy for years now. I kid you not...Years! I had seen him in a shop in Lambertville/New Hope years ago and I've been kicking myself since. So happy to have found one online! Ebay! And get was like under $2.00!! REALLY! 

And ohhh I am pretty darn excited about my new bag! I had been needing a new purse so so badly.  An everyday bag. And this black and cream striped number certainly fits the bill. It was a Friday Favorite a little while ago. I'll show you a bit more this coming week! How about a "What's in my bag" post?

Oh this amaaazing pkg arrived at our door all the way from Tillamook Oregon! Our sweet friend Lonnie knows what a cheese NUT Aaron is. We had met Lonnie back in 2007 when we taught at Silver Bella in Omaha! We had been blog friends and she and her daughter owned a bakery which they just so happened to decorate with our art. She is one of the sweetest gals ever! And Super talented too! 

Aaron was beyond thrilled. Check out this haul! And he wears his pin proudly! That night we made grilled Havarti and marionberry sandwiches for dinner!

And these were heavenly too....maybe Lonnie included them for me!

Oh Oh and this here is my new mug! I know...not really anything like mega special but I just loved it the second I saw it!  :)  I found it at A&P while grocery shopping! I think it was 1.99!!  #cheapdate 

What have you guys been up to? Any good movies? or music? Tell me! :)

xo Jenny...and Aaron sends love!


  1. I am hooked on same love by macklemore, that and home by Edward sharpe and the magnetic zeroes.... Reminds me of Johnny and June carter cash) love Aaron's sketches and your new bag, happy saturday and the ground hog did not see his shadow so you know what that means?? Early spring, which I cannot wait for! Love your attitude Jenny, always so happy, best of luck with the pipes, sparkles, stacy

  2. I was actually listening to metalica while I was reading this. Too funny. What an awesome cheese haul. And those chocolates have me craving a treat. Love this post.

  3. I love that drawing - it's so pretty and cute. xxx

  4. @stacycakes Ohhh "Home" is our bird's faaaavorite song!!! I swear!! fave fave fave!! :) He goes crazy for it! :)

    Oh gosh I am so so ready for Spring! :)

    Thanks bunches for visiting and for your sweet words! They means more than you know!

    Happy Weekend! xo

  5. @vintage honeybee Oh man that's funny! Yeah we are pretty all over the map when it comes to music over here! One minute it could be Metallica the next Billie Holiday! :)

    And heck yeah! We are in cheese heaven over here! :) It was an amazing gift!

    Thanks for popping in! Have a great weekend!

  6. How much fun are you allowed to have??? Aaron's sketch is amazing, you both hit the talent lottery! I'm extremely jealous of your cheese haul, too. If I hadn't cut sugar out of my diet, I'd probably be hauling my big butt over there to steal those chocolate covered nuts.......geez, how lucky can you get.

    I hope you thaw out soon, we're sittin here in AZ with 80 degrees.....whew, I gotta turn on the air conditioning......LOL


  7. @Carly Oh thanks! Aaron is pretty awesome! And you wouldn't believe how fassst these pretty girls happen! :)

    Thanks for popping in!!

  8. @ImagiMeri Ohhh gosh! Thanks! Look who's talking though, you amaaazing thing you! :) Geez we sooo need to meet one day! Maybe at an art event!! That would RULE! A day full of music, stories, paint and art!

    Geez those chocolate covered nuts are long gone! ;)

    Happy Weekend!! :)

  9. I was listening to 'Under My Thumb' by the Stones while reading this but I have a teenage daughter who has gotten me into her current music-Black Veil Brides and Sleeping with Sirens......
    My other current obsession is First Aid Kit.

    I love those little push pins!

  10. Ohhhhh look at all that yummy cheese!!!

  11. I'm a big cheese lover too - YUM! And Yes! to weekly posts 'What's in my Bag' - think that is a great idea! Do it! :o)

  12. I love that little painting! So darn cute!

    Tillamook Cheese, it's the best for real. I say that as a biast Oregonian.

  13. I really love the new stationery u bought !
    Lovely pastel colors!

  14. mmmm, cheese. Tillamook is quite tasty! We had some of their ice cream tonight ... :D.

  15. Hi...I'm a newbie to your blog thanks to seeing it listed as one of Susan Branch's favs. You are adorable, Jenny! Love your spirit!
    As for the first glance I was just taken in by it. So beautiful! You AND Aaron are so talented. I'm going to start eating more cheese :o)

  16. holy cheeeeeeese!!=D
    aaron's lady sketch is amazingness!
    just had to stop by i've been mia in bloggity land for awhile & of course i had to come say hi

  17. Haha! A good mug always makes me happy too! ;-)

  18. I love Aaron's little painting! It's so lovely. X


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