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Ok if this tablescape doesn't sing Spring I don't know what does! Oh I just adore everything about it! Especially the bright pops of Springy, candy pastels set against the rustic wood. I want to be at that table...well, with one minor needs to be extended by about a dozen or more place settings so that I can have all of my favorite artsy crafty blogland friends over for an afternoon of yummy food, crafting, art journaling, and sweets!

Yes Yes...I know I know...You feel like you've seen this here on my blog before. It's very Wednesday Addams, which I suppose is my go-to, old stand by, trademark. The classic black with white peter pan collar. It's simply perfect to me...could be my uniform. 
But this's no dress. This is that classic look in tee shirt form! 
Now we just need to add a fab bouquet of balloons in pink, gold, and black & white polka dot. Yes?!

This really is the dream purse of my 7 year old self. I would have went nutso over this. 
Totally random...but I have memories of a small round purse like this one, only mine was lavender. I carried it everywhere. I was obsessed with unicorns at the time (1980s). I went to a yard sale and found a little ceramic unicorn figurine. As we went about the rest of our day you better believe that there was no way I'd leave my new treasure behind in the car. Of course I kept it nestled in my fave lavender purse. And of course the unicorn's fate was sealed in this decision. Later that day while going up the stairs into a German restaurant...most likely spazzing out and singing and purse twirling all at once...the whirling purse went "Crack!" against one of the steps...and the poor shattered unicorn never even made it to it's rightful place on my dresser top.   

This pup! If this adorbs mooshball was in the next room I'd have a very very hard time working...or doing anything but napping along side him. He has perfected the meaning of contentedness. And those shabby chic sheets are the perfect backdrop.

I love love love this tutorial for paper Chrysanthemums. They are one of my absolute favorite flowers. And I could get lost in paper crafty fun all day. And flowers like this are Forever. Perfect as gifts for a baby shower or wedding! 

I'm not normally an iridescent gal but I am loving this look. Creamy and dreamy. This technique is called "jelly sandwich" nails. Laying down a coat of sheer pink, then applying the glitter, and then topping with another coat of the sheer pink gel...a jelly sandwich! What a pretty look.

Thanks for stopping by for Friday Favorites again. It's been a busy week and it's not over til our heads hit the pillow tonight. But it's good I'm happy for that! 
Hope you're keeping good busy too!
xo, Jenny


  1. That Wednesday Addams t-shirt is the coolest t-shirt of the year!

  2. Hi, Jenny! Loving the tablescape, too! The pop of color is so uplifting and Springy. I also love the pooch in the bed - omg, could you imagine snorggling with that fuzzball? And being a former nail polish girl (lately my polish is acrylic paint....), loving the iridescent squares. Ooo, if I had a place to dress up for I so would decorate my nails...xoxo

  3. That table is awesome! So pretty... I'm also really loving those nails!

  4. I love the table settings... so pretty! and I love the black top with the white collar.. that is also a very vivian type top! and I love the nail polish look. and I love the dog too really.. did I miss anything? lol.. OK.. im off to do some more blog hopping.. I'm so far behind!
    have a great weekend


    That shirt and purse, oh my gosh. I want them so very badly! :D

  6. That table setting is absolute perfection!! I'm already yearning for spring to arrive, and this is just too lovely for words. I love that sweet little pup, too! :)

    xox Sammi

  7. OMG, that tablescape is da bomb!!!!! So gorgeous!!!

    and I would love to snuggle with that beautiful lil baby doggie!!!!!!

    Love this post lady!!

    xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

  8. oh, I have such puppy fever! lovelove that snuggly little face! xoxo


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