Surrounded by sweet supplies

You know that I love supplies...all kinds...vintage, new, bits, bobs...and I'm sure many of you can identify and have your own issues with hoarding craft supplies. Caches of vintage buttons, vast reams of scrapbooking papers, obsessively loved vintage wallpaper scraps, boxes of old photos, about a million paints...most with about two drops left in the bottle, multitudinous mediums with wide ranging capabilities...whew! know who you are! 
 We love to surround our selves with these things. The stuff that makes the magic happen. Some of my very favorite art journal pages happened because of my piles of happy colored trims, papers, stickers, tapes. The supplies dictated the outcome of the art. I am normally not one of those types that shop specifically for a project. Well sometimes I do...and if you held a glue gun to my head I guess you could force me to. 
 For the way I work I just find it so so natural, and necessary to have piles, and bags, and bowls, and bins and boxes of all my favorite supplies around. I like grabbing and placing and trying...stumbling upon happy accidents and apropos afterthoughts.  I believe that if you LOVE the supply, buy it! It will find it's ay into the perfect project at the perfect moment! 

So, that said, I went a little nuts the other day and ordered a mini motherload. Some pretty tiny wood veneer embellishments, crochet hearts, papers, stamps, ink, washi tape, and the like.

One of my favorite ways to organize and display my smaller supplies is in vintage chip and dip servers. And most have a lazy susan which is convenient and fun.

I linked up some of my favorite items from this haul, in case you'd like to pick them up for yourself! The doily stamp wasn't available on Two Peas...but you can find it at Michael's!

Ohhh and we hung some party lights in the studio! You know those outdoor globe style lights that always make an evening in the backyard a bit more charming? I LOVE the feel! Happy to work into the night under their festive glow.

And we got a few of my fave candles from Anthropologie...deeelish scents plus a warm flicker bring a lil magic to studio time. 

What are your favorite supplies to hoard? Have a crafty haul to share?! Link it in the comments!

XO Jenny

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  1. so cool! i can't wait to grow up for real and have my very own studio/craft room :]

  2. Love seeing other artist's supply stash/hauls. It always makes me want to start a billion new projects...the only problem is that it also makes me want to run out and shop like crazy.

    I've had to cut back on my supplies lately due to limited space. The current home is not big on storage so I've had to consolidate and just keep the essentials until we've got more room...but I'm in absolute love with those wooden banners so it looks like I'll be finding room for just one more thing.

    Thanks for sharing! ♥
    (& I love the new lighting!)

  3. I have no idea what I am going to do when I go to Uni next year without any storage for all my crafty bits and pieces. I'm such a crazy hoarder (in everything) that it's going to be a nightmare! Love seeing all your cute supplies
    Kate xx

  4. You are so gosh darn talented....I am not really a crafter...but I do hair for a living and would love a studio/space in my home to dedicate to hair/makeup....I would totally let you go to town on a room for me. I am in love with your craft!!!!

    xo So happy to have found your blog!!

    xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

  5. so much fun! and in my favorite colors, too. I am super low on supplies because I wanted to force myself to use what I have to create my latest collage journal & other projects! I also want to wait until I have a bigger space. But I love being surrounded, too, it's so inspiring!

  6. Such beautiful photos. Amazing pastels! I'm not a crafter but love when other people are and I aspire to be one... surrounded by all those lovely things would definitely do the trick :)

    xox Sammi

  7. Loving all your goodies!! I love love love love love those Bella Blvd hearts :)

  8. ah!! that doily stamp is amazeballs! love seeing how you organize your little stuff in the serving bowls. genius

  9. Oh, look at all the eye candy!! Such sweet supplies to create with!! Love, love your studio!! xo Heather

  10. Eeee! The colors you choose are so fantastic. I love those little crocheted hearts!!!

    And I totally agree about candlelight! :D

  11. Girl you will have to tell me how those inks work for you...Ive been eyeing them but havent pulled the trigger yet...
    Of course your craft room is AMAZIN!!

  12. Your studio just keeps getting better and better. I love that doily stamp too. Your space inspires me to get creative with my own. LOVE, LOVE.

  13. I'm just like you. I buy what catches my eye and then it fits into my projects at some point.
    Have a wonderful week!

  14. Hi completely random, but how did you get your hair so pink! I love the colour and wondering how to get that shade of colour, sorry it not related to the post but i was just curious.

  15. Pretty! Thank you for giving me permission to be completely indulgent in my artsy endeavors. You are very kind to share your world.


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