Friday Favorites

Is it that obvious that I'm really looking forward to some sunny days? Not hot days mind you...sunny days. On this April Friday we've got the windows open and the curtains are billowing in the breeze. It's been a steady pattern of sun-cloud-sun-cloud...and it's finally settled into cloud cloud cloud as per usual this week. But the temp is great at least. So here are some Friday Favorites to put us all in a brighter mood.

Oh I could die! Ohhh emm gee! These are both just beeeyond! Totally beyond! They are by Karen Walker. Admittedly, not in my budget at all, but now I know what I will be wearing in my dreams this summer! 

This is just fantastic on so many levels!  It has been popping up on pinterest and I did my best to google image it to find the original source. No luck. If I find it I'll let you know! It's such a fun print!

 You know me and pianos...little ones especially. I prefer the non fancy versions...and a coat of chippy paint just makes me swoon all the more! Oh how I would adore walking into my living room and seeing this each day!

I've previously blogged a DIY for Marquee type signage, which I still intend to undertake...very very soon! With warmer weather fast approaching the urge to get our yard really cleaned up is hitting me hard. ( what a mess Hurricane Sandy made! ) And I'm looking forward to getting our deck stained and painted. I just think accenting the outdoor space with these lighted pieces would be such FUN! 

This video is just dreamlike! Right from the initial strokes I'm hooked and I feel like they can stop at any single point of the process and the painting will be perfect. 

Gosh, how true this little film is. It really made me cry. I shared it the other day on facebook but really wanted to share it again here. It's so worth watching.

Ok, I hope this Friday finds you well. Over here we're doing our best to stay focused on the pretty things.

xo, Jenny


  1. LOVE that Julia Child print (what a great quote), and the little painted pink piano! Don't you love how a coat of paint (preferably pastel) can completely change how you view a piece?

    xox Sammi

  2. omg! that dove video...So true.
    And oh agreewith you on the sunglasses too.

  3. Oh my gosh I cried at that video too!!! It was wonderful! All women should get to experience this!

  4. Such wonderful finds, thanks for sharing! ~Michelle G.


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