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Busy Friday! But we just paused to make a deeeelish dinner...will blog the recipe soon...and now we are working on getting our second wind for the evening writing, photo editing, and box packing. Hopefully we can squeeze in a long dog walk sometime before dark. For now, before we get back to the grind, let me share my latest Friday Favorites!

To begin with...this painting by Artist Elizabeth Mayville, which is part of her "Top Knot" series. Love it!! 

Oh gosh... this! The Travelling Tea Room Emporium by Becky Hood Photography. You must click over to view this image larger!  Oh how I wish this would roll up here on our street...since there's no time for us to break away...and we could set down the art supplies, run outside and sample the sweets and treats.
 I absolutely love carnivals and fairs. There are always a couple vendors who have something really special, though admittedly they are never as good as the above. I just love the here today, gone tomorrow aspect...and how the vendors do their best to bring as much attention-getting flash and color as possible. 

This duo know as Tumbleweeds Handcraft. They are the makers of the Original wood veneer and stone Sunglasses. They totally rule! I follow them on instagram...and you don't have to spy on these guys for too long to recognize that they are workhorses. They make these by hand!! Me and Aar have seen plenty of those 3am work nights and we know what it takes. I just Love seeing such an incredible product, made by peeps with stellar style! This is wearable art at it's finest.

This Triple Berry Curd  has got me thinking of Summertime. Oh jeez, a couple summer's ago me and Aar had a Summer of Scones. Every morning we took a drive down the shore to a different local cafe type place to sample their respective iced coffee and scones. We actually wrote down our thoughts on a score card. Some days we drove really far just to find a place we had yet to try. But yeah, the curd...jeez, imagine it atop a vanilla or lemon scone!!

I read a very interesting little article in the New York Times Magazine about the Ferris Wheel. They are one of my fave visuals as far as civilized landscapes go. You'll be surprised by the heartbreaking tale regarding the creator of this whimsical wheel.

Ok, I think I'm gonna grab a carrot muffin before I get back to the daily function.
Hope the rest of your Friday is Fab!
xo Jenny!


  1. Those sun glasses are wonderful. I would love to give a pair a home.

  2. That tea emporium is so rockin! and triple berry curd...oh yeahs!

  3. You are so adorable!
    I LOVE carnivals! I always have to get photos of the ferris wheels and carousels, I just love them so much!
    Those heart-shaped glasses are so lovely!

  4. I love your Friday round up posts so much! That painting is perfect *_*

  5. I've seen that traveling tea room on another blog and I want it to travel to me so badly!! And any kind of curd is yummy (lemon is my favorite), and that triple berry kind looks scrumptious!

    xox Sammi

  6. The Ferris Wheel story is so sad :(

  7. Those sunglasses are so fun - they would go perfect with the wooden bowtie!

  8. LOVE the sunnys and that traveling cart! So cute!!!

  9. Love your Friday faves. You have a knack of picking the most unique and inspired items. Love your blog. Can't wait to buy your book!!

  10. I want to know what places have the BEST scones! MMMM! Scone LOVE!


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