Some happy bits from across the pond...

I'd say that England is at the tippity top of my list of travel destinations. I wanna take Black Cabs all over London, safely in the hands of drivers who are well versed in The Knowledge. I want to walk the boards of Brighton Pier and get a whippy. I want biscuits and crisps...

Oh don't worry...I'm stopping get the idea. 

So, I bring this up because the anglophile in me went on a wee bit of a spree. (I didn't mean for that to rhyme.) Got these tea towels and some other UK borne goods from my fave online shop of the moment: Not On The High

Me and Aar are kitchen people. Decor-wise the kitchen would be our starting point and then every other room should spool forth from there. I mean, we've been painting cakes and cupcakes since the 90's I think! Unfortunately our home is a bit of a wreck due to Stupid Storm Sandy, and the kitchen needs a complete re-do. But maybe it's not so unfortunate...isn't a kitchen re-do supposed to be a dream project?! Well, after we make headway in bathrooms and the living room we will then take on the heart and soul of our living space. In the meantime I'll start to gather the these tea towels!
I'm big into grey and I love single tone graphics.

 So, being from the Jersey Shore, I'm absolutely in love with boardwalks. It's like the cornerstone of every Jersey Shore childhood. Ineffably magical memories. 
So...years and years ago...when I first caught glimpses of Brighton I swooned. It's this parallel universe where everything is kinda the same as here but all wrapped up in gauzy English wonderment, pretty words, and sun faded colors. So the above tea towel was got just as much for it's aesthetic as for the dreams it's text evokes in me. 

And I've included these examples just in case you thought Not On The High Street was a mere tea towel shop! No...they've got everything. I fell in love with these wire baskets. And look how perfectly my Thickers fit!

Ok, my rave must stop for now...because it's time for you to click the proper link and behold all the splendor. 

xo, Jenny


  1. I'm not sure how safe you'd be in the hands of our cabbies! And you'd better be prepared to spend an extortionate amount on the journey ;)


  2. If you ever make it to the UK, I be happy to show you around a few places...just dont trust our cabbies too much...half of them over charge and the other half havent a clue where they are going!
    Glad you liked notonthehighstreet - its gret isnt it?! x

  3. No one EVER says they want to come to England! Do! Come Visit!
    Sarah xxx

  4. Okay so first I'd like to say HI! I stumbled upon your Pinterest boards and I hope you don't get creeped out but now I have a major girl crush on you! I've been looking for a certain style that fits my personality and the art you make fits it to a T! And that's appropriate because my name is Tamara :) 2nd, I'm very sorry about your home, Sandy really wrought immense destruction but I know Jersey Shore will bounce back better than ever. Lastly, I understand your love of boardwalks. I'm from Brooklyn and Coney Island is beyond special to me. In 2010 I threw a very detailed carnival party for my friends and family and they still rave about it today so I'm obsessed with everything carnival. You've made me a fan and I can't wait to decorate your art in my home(especially my kitchen!) <3


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